A. Gergely MSc (András)

Professional Doctorate in Engineering

About Me

  • I am chemical researcher, specialized in electrochemistry, corrosion research and engineering.
  • I studied and worked at several universities & at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Hungary. 

Some of my skills and achievements earned at the places where I studied and worked are delineated in the following.


2017    Recognised reviewer of the Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Royal Society of Chemistry), Progress in Organic CoatingsApplied Surface Science & Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society

2015    Recognised reviewer of the Material Science & Engineering B

2008    Academy Reward of Young Scientist in Material Science Research

by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2004    PhD scholarship by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Research IDresearcherid.com/rid/B-9823-2018

ORC IDorcid.org/0000-0001-5975-3689

Key responsibilities:

  • Analysis & development of GMP manufacturing processes based on international scientific literature
  • Statistical analysis of manufacturing data
  • Cooperation with production managers & operatives, education & instruction of colleagues & employee, and contribution to company LEAN measures


  • Development of conditioning, thawing & pooling of frozen plasma, increasing extraction of human blood clotting factors (FVIII)
  • Optimization of fractionation, re-dissolution & precipitation (extraction to higher yields) of IgG, IgA, IgE & IgM (the Cohn Fractions of II & III)
  • Increasing efficiency of filtration related processes of serum albumin (HSA)
  • Improving the efficiency of agitation, stirring type processes to minimize deactivation of relevant enzymes

Key responsibilities:

  • High performance & reliable quality work in production of agricultural chemicals

Key responsibilities:

  • To design & perform corrosion experiments in reactors at moderate temperature & pressure atmosphere with highly flammable, toxic & poisoning gases (H2 & H2S)
  • Statistical analysis of experimental data, education of university students up to M.Sc. diploma
  • Writing articles into peer-reviewed international scientific journals & peer-reviewing  


  • I lead 3 large domestic contracts with the largest Oil & Gas producer (MOL Nyrt) to raise funds covering cost of university department for years; related fields: H2S & acidic corrosion of carbon & stainless steels under co-processing conditions, in renewable biofuel sources (used cooking oils & animal waste lard), & protection assessment of non-volatile corrosion inhibitors
  • Supervision of 3 completed M.Sc. diplomas & an Excellence Award as a supervisor at the Scholar Conference of University Students (Hungary), 3 years of expert education in corrosion science & engineering 

Key responsibilities & achievements:

  • Electro-plating (hydrometallurgy) & electro-winning of metals (Cu, Ni, Ni) in acidic, natural & alkaline solutions & surface treatment of metals
  • Corrosion of metals in aqueous solutions & experimentation of corrosion tests
  • Analysis of analysis of electrodialysis cells (production & recovery of acids and treatment of pickling solutions), polymer film formation on hot-batch Zn coatings, & glass enamel coatings
  • Education of B.Sc. & M.Sc. university students

Key responsibilities & achievements:

  • To perform AC & DC electrochemical measurements, evaluation of uniform & localized corrosion processes
  • Development of paint coatings in cathodic (ZRPs) & anodic protection
  • Investigation of carbon based electrodes used in ultra-capacitors
  • Rheology of fluids, colloids, paint dispersions & suspensions
  • Preparation & investigation of carbon nanotube (CNT)/hybrid composites, nano-sized core-shell materials
  • Synthesis, modification, functionalization, thermal & chemical phase transformation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
  • Surface chemistry of solids & liquids


2015-2017 Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Commity of Veszprém (VEAB)

2014-2015 Hungarian Corrosion Federation (HUNKOR)




Reviewer record on Publonshttps://publons.com/author/1347315/andras-gergely#profile publons.com/a/1347315/


Supervision of M.Sc. dissertation works in the topics:

Elaboration and formation of zinc phosphate based conversion coatings and other alternatives in surface treatment procedures by Szele Mihály (2017)

Utilisation of DC electrochemical techniques to investigate uniform corrosion processes by Takács Tamara (2017)

Impedance spectroscopy modelling of corrosion processes by Nagy Dániel (2016)

Development of education material & lecturing:

Lecture holding & laboratory practice of corrosion module in engineer vocational training under the title of 'Water & sewage water treatment operator engineer' (Nagykanizsa, from 2014 to 2017)

Scholar Conference of University Students (Hungary) - Országos Tanulmányi Diákköri Konferencia(OTDK):

Hydrogen sulphide corrosion of steel alloys in mixtures of renewable fuel sources under co-processing conditions by Locskai Roland; awarded dissertation & lecture in the technologic section (2017) 




Analyzing and developing corrosion monitoring techniques to apply on vehicles and aircraft so that monitor status of the vehicles and provide advice on planning maintenance procedures


Other Contributions

A manuscript with title of ‘Pressure dependence of hydrogen sulphide corrosion of steels, analysis of reaction mechanism affected by gas-oil and used cooking oil biomass fuel source’ in preparation and in progress for submission


Invited editor of the handbook tentatively entitled as “Corrosion Protection and Prevention: Methods, Applications and Technology” in a publishing program on behalf of Nova Science Publishers, Inc.


A. Gergely, P. Szabó, A. Krójer, B. Nagy, T. Kristóf

Hydrogen sulphide corrosion of carbon and stainless steel alloys in mixtures of renewable fuel sources under co-processing conditions, Modern Applied Science (by the Canadian Center of Science & Education) 12(4) (2018) 227-255. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5539/mas.v12n4p227


András Gergely, Antal Krójer, Zoltán Varga, Tamás Kristóf

Corrosion of engineering steels in renewable biomass fuel sources, Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 54(4) (2018) 724–744.



A. Gergely, A review on corrosion protection with single-layer, multilayer, and composites of graphene, invited review article, Published Online: DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/corrrev-2017-0016


A. Gergely, R. Locskai, P. Szabó, A. Krójer, T. Kristóf

Hydrogen sulphide corrosion of carbon and stainless steel alloys immersed in mixtures of renewable fuel sources and tested under co-processing conditions, Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry 44(1) (2016) 55–70.


A. Gergely, T. Kristóf

Corrosion protection with ultrathin graphene coatings: A Review, Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry 41 (2013) 83-108.


A. Gergely, Z. Pászti, I. Bertóti, J. Mihály, E. Drotár, T. Török

Hybrid zinc-rich paint coatings: The impact of incorporation of nano-size inhibitor and electrical conducting particles, in A. Tiwari, J.W. Rawlins, L.H. Hihara, „Intelligent Coatings for Corrosion Control” edited by Elsevier B.V. Scientific Publisher, Elsevier Science B.V., 2014. pp. 195-249.


A. Gergely, Z. Pászti, J. Mihály, E. Drotár, T. Török

Galvanic corrosion prevention of the zinc-rich hybrid coatings facilitated by percolating structure of the carbon nanotubes Part II: Protection properties and mechanism of the

hybrid coatings, Progress in Organic Coatings 77 (2014) 412-424.


A. Gergely, Z. Pászti, J. Mihály, E. Drotár, T. Török

Galvanic corrosion prevention of the zinc-rich hybrid coatings facilitated by percolating

structure of the carbon nanotubes Part I: Characterisation of the nano-size particles,

Progress in Organic Coatings 78 (2015) 437-445.

G. András, T. Tamás, V. György, L. Zsoltné

Elektrodialízis-elektrolízissel történő sósavdúsítás és kimerült páclé regenerálás vizsgálata, Magyar Kémikusok Lapja 12 (2012) 368–373.

A. Gergely, Z. Pászti, O. Hakkel, J. Mihály, E. Kálmán

Corrosion protection of cold-rolled steel with alkyd paint coatings composited with various microstructure arranged polypyrrole-modified nano-size alumina and carbon nanotubes, Materials Science and Engineering B 177 (2012) 1571–1582.

A. Gergely, É. Pfeifer, I. Bertóti, T. Török, E. Kálmán

Corrosion protection of cold-rolled steel by zinc-rich epoxy coatings loaded with nano-size alumina supported polypyrrole, Corrosion Science 53 (2011) 3486–3499.

A. Gergely, Z. Pászti, J. Mihály, L. Szabó, E. Kálmán

Transformation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes to amorphous nano-spheres, micron-size rods and flakes by oxidative sulfation reaction, Diamond & Related Materials 20 (2011) 826–832.

A. Gergely, K. Újszászy, C. Peltz, P. Király, G. Tárkányi, J. Mihály, E. Kálmán

In situ polyphenyl derivatisation and the effect of thermal decomposition of adsorbed and chemisorbed polyphenyls on the structure of multi-walled carbon nanotubes, Applied Surface Science 257 (2011) 6212–6219.

A. Gergely, J. Telegdi, E. Mészáros, Z. Pászti, G. Tárkányi, F.H. Kármán, E. Kálmán

Modification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by Diels-Alder and Sandmeyer reactions, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 7 (2007) 2795–2807.

A. Gergely, G. Inzelt

Electropolymerization of 3-methylthiophene at liquid 3-methylthiophene │ aqueous solution │ graphite three-phase junction, Electrochemistry Communications 3 (2001) 753–757. 


2007    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Pure and Applied Science in Chemical Engineering, Budapest

Chemical Researcher of Engineering, PhD Student

Thesis: Utilisation of polypyrrole-coated nano-size particles for corrosion protection

2003    Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science, Branch of Chemistry, Budapest

Certified Chemical Researcher

Thesis: Electrochemical polymerization of heterocyclic and aromatic organic molecules

1997    Petrik Lajos Chemical Technical School, Budapest

Certified General Chemical Environmentalist

Thesis: Determination of aromatic amine pollutants by classical wet-chemistry methods

1996    Petrik Lajos Chemical Technical School, Budapest

Certified General Chemical Technician

Thesis: Control and automation of chemical industry processes by Festo pneumatics systems

1994    Németh László Grammar School G.C.S.E.

Affiliated Study Programmes


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