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Angèle Reinders studied experimental physics at Utrecht University, where she also received her doctoral degree in chemistry: she wrote her PhD thesis on PV systems monitoring and simulation. Consequently, she has done a great deal of system research since then. At present her research has a design-driven scope and as such it is trans-disciplinary, with a focus on performance of energy technologies, environmental aspects, user interactions as well as prototyping and testing of innovative energy products. She is interested in all renewable energy technologies however solar energy is definitively her favorite!

Next to being an Associate Professor in Sustainable Energy and Design at University of Twente, she is a full Professor in Design of Sustainable Energy Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology and a visiting professor of the School of Photovoltaics & Renewable Energy Engineering of UNSW in Sydney.

In the past she conducted research among others at Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy in Freiburg, the World Bank in Washington, D.C., ENEA in Naples, Center of Urban Energy in Toronto and in the remote areas of Papua in Indonesia.

She is known for her books at Wiley’s “The Power of Design” (2012) and “Photovoltaic Solar Energy From Fundamentals to Applications” (2017) and her involvement in the IEEE PVSC conference which she chaired in 2014 and 2017. In 2010 she co-founded the Journal of Photovoltaics for which she serves as an editor. In 2014 she received the PVSC Napkin Award in the USA for her contributions to the field of solar photovoltaics. Recently she was invited to become an Distinguised Lecturer for IEEE. Also she is involved in various tasks of the International Energy Agency PVPS program among which Task 17 on PV for Transport.

Research projects that she has been executing range from design-driven research projects such as on solar powered boats, PV powered EVs and solar e-bikes and applied research on solar PV systems in Indonesia to exclusively research-oriented projects like COST Action PEARL PV and ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus Project CESEPS.

She established ARISE which is the sustainability network at University of Twente. Please have a look at the website of ARISE to be fully informed, see here.

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Solar Energy
Engineering & Materials Science
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Angèle Reinders' research focuses on the integration of sustainable energy technologies in products, buildings and local infrastructures in particular photovoltaic (PV) solar energy by applying new design approaches and simulation tools that can combine technical research with other relevant disciplines. At present her design-driven research has four core pillars based on past experiences and present interests: (1) luminescent solar concentrator PV technologies, (2) performance and reliability of PV modules (in framework of COST Action PEARL PV), (3) residential smart grids (ERA-Net project CESEPS strongly contributes to this topic), (4) design of smart energy products and services. See also my projects.


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Angèle Reinders teaches in the Studies of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) and the Master of Sustainable Energy Technology (SET), by among others the courses Sources of Innovation (IDE), Solar Energy (SET) and the coordinating of Specialization Solar Energy (SET). She supervises bachelor students and master students of the Studies of SET, IDE and Mechanical Engineering.

Courses Academic Year  2022/2023


Below you will find a selection of Angèle Reinders' externally funded projects:

COST ACTION PEARL PV: “Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems: Evaluations of Large-Scale Monitoring Data”

Website of PEARL PV can be accessed here

ERA-NET CESEPS: Co-Evolution of Smart Energy Products and Services

Website of CESEPS can be accessed here

Solar Powered E-Bikes: website can be accessed here


Short video about solar energy activities by Angèle Reinders.


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