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Enterprise Architecture
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Aldea, A. I., Haller, S. M. , & Luttikhuis, M. G. (2020). Towards grading automation of open questions using machine learning. In J. van der Veen, N. van Hattum-Janssen, H-M. Järvinen, T. de Laet, & I. ten Dam (Eds.), Engaging, Engineering, Education: Book of Abstracts, SEFI 48th Annual Conference University of Twente (online), 20-24 September, 2020 (pp. 584-593). University of Twente.
Aldea, A. I., Vaicekauskaitė, E. , Daneva, M. , & Piest, J. P. S. (2020). Assessing Resilience in Enterprise Architecture: A Systematic Review. In 2020 IEEE 24th International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC) [9233153] IEEE. https://doi.org/10.1109/edoc49727.2020.00011
García-Escallón, R. R. , & Aldea, A. (2020). On enterprise architecture patterns: A systematic literature review. In J. Filipe, M. Smialek, A. Brodsky, & S. Hammoudi (Eds.), ICEIS 2020 - Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (Vol. 2, pp. 666-678). SCITEPRESS. https://doi.org/10.5220/0009392306660678
Aldea, A. , Iacob, M-E. , Daneva, M., & Masyhur, L. H. (2019). Multi-criteria and model-based analysis for project selection: An integration of capability-based planning, project portfolio management and enterprise architecture. In 2019 IEEE 23rd International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOCW) (pp. 128-135). [8907326] (Proceedings IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOCW); Vol. 23). IEEE. https://doi.org/10.1109/EDOCW.2019.00032
Aldea, A., Kusumaningrum, M. C. , Iacob, M. , & Daneva, M. (2018). Modeling and Analyzing Digital Business Ecosystems: An Approach and Evaluation. In M. Brichni, C. Huemer, H. A. Proper, D. Rozier, S. Guerreiro, W. Guedria, I. Razo-Zapata, M. M. Komarov, S. Strecker, C. Feltus, & S. V. Maltseva (Eds.), 2018 IEEE 20th Conference on Business Informatics (CBI) (pp. 156-163). (IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI); Vol. 2018). IEEE. https://doi.org/10.1109/CBI.2018.10064
Aldea, A. , Iacob, M-E., Wombacher, A., Hiralal, M., & Franck, T. (2018). Enterprise Architecture 4.0: A vision, an approach and software tool support. In 2018 IEEE 22nd International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC) https://doi.org/10.1109/EDOC.2018.00011

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