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Anna Krzywoszynska no longer works at the University of Twente.

She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oulu, Finland.

Please see her profile here: Anna Krzywoszynska | University of Oulu



Other Contributions

Krzywoszynska, A. (in press) Soil care: understanding soil needs, responsibilities, and attentiveness through the concept of care, in Erik Brevik, Christian Feller, Sabine Grunwald and Nikola Patzel (eds.) Cultural Understanding of Soils, Stuttgart: Schweizerbart 

Jones, S.Krzywoszynska, A. & Maye, D. (2022Resilience and transformation: Lessons from the UK local food sector in the COVID-19 pandemicThe Geographical Journal001– 14. Available from: https://doi.org/10.1111/geoj.12428

Krzywoszynska, Anna, Jones, Stephen, & Maye, Damian. (2022). A force for good: A vision, models, and pathways for a local food sector which transforms lives, livelihoods and landscapes. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6023241

Chiles, P., Krzywoszynska, A. et al. (2020) ‘The Place and Space of Power: Mess, Uncertainty and Change over Time’, in Fokdal, J. et al. Enabling the City: Inter and Transdisciplinary Encounters, London: Routledge. 

Salazar, J. F., Granjou, C., Kearnes, M., Krzywoszynska, A., and Tironi, M. (2020) Thinking with Soils: Material Politics and Social Theory, London: Bloomsbury 

Krzywoszynska, A., Marchesi, G. (2020) Toward a Relational Materiality of SoilsIntroductionEnvironmental Humanities 12 (1): 190–204. doi: https://doi.org/10.1215/22011919-8142297

Krzywoszynska, A. (2020) ‘Nonhuman labor and the making of resources: Making soils a resource through microbial labor’ Environmental Humanities 12 (1): 227-249. doi.org/10.1215/22011919-8142319 

Krzywoszynska, A. (2020) ‘Soil Care Network: caring for soils as building relations’, in Latour, B., and Weibel, P. (eds) Critical Zones: The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth. MIT Press 

Greenhough, B., Read, C.J., Lorimer, J. et al. (2020) Setting the agenda for social science research on the human microbiome. Palgrave Commun 6, 18. https://doi.org/10.1057/s41599-020-0388-5

Krzywoszynska, A. (2019) ‘Caring for soil life in the Anthropocene: The role of attentiveness in more‐than‐human ethics’, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 44: 661– 675. doi.org/10.1111/tran.12293 Open Access award from the Faculty of Social Science, The University of Sheffield.

Krzywoszynska, A. (2019) ‘Making knowledge and meaning in communities of practice: What role may science play? The case of sustainable soil management in England’, Soil Use and Management, 35: 160– 168, doi.org/10.1111/sum.12487

Krzywoszynska, A., Watson, M., Buckley, A., Chiles, P., Gregson, N., Holmes, H., Mawyin, J. (2018) ‘Opening up the participation laboratory: the co-creation of publics and futures in upstream participation’, Science, Technology and Human Values 43 (5), 785–809. doi.org/10.1177/0162243917752865

Holmes, H., Buckley, A., Chiles, P., Gregson, N., Krzywoszynska, A., Mawyin, J., Watson, M. (2018) ‘Interdisciplinarity in Transdisciplinary projects: circulating knowledges, practices and effects’, disP - The Planning Review 54.2/213, doi.org/10.1080/02513625.2018.1487646

Krzywoszynska, A. (2017) Empowerment as skill: the role of affect in building new subjectivities. In M. Bastian, O. Jones, E. Roe (Eds.) Participation in More-than-Human Worlds London: Routledge 

Cairns, R., Krzywoszynska, A. (2016) ‘Anatomy of a buzzword: the emergence of 'the water-energy-food nexus' in UK natural resource debates’, Environmental Science and Policy 64: 164-170, dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.envsci.2016.07.007

Krzywoszynska, A., Buckley, A., Chiles, P., Gregson, N., Holmes, H., Mawyin, J., Watson, M. (2016) ‘Co-producing energy futures: the impacts of participatory modelling’, Building Research and Information 44 (7): 804-815, doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2016.1211838

Krzywoszynska, A. (2016) ‘What farmers know: experiential knowledge and care in vine growing’, Sociologia Ruralis 56 (2): 289-310. doi.org/10.1111/soru.12084

Krzywoszynska, A. (2015) ‘On being a foreign body in the field, or how reflexivity around translation can take us beyond language’, Area 47 (3): 311-318. doi.org/10.1111/area.12202

Krzywoszynska, A. (2015) ‘Wine is not Coca Cola: marketisation of ecologically embedded wines and the lessons for alternative food networks’, Agriculture and Human Values 32 (3): 491-503. doi.org/10.1007/s10460-014-9564-9.

Gregson, N., Crang, M., Botticello, J., Calestani, M., Krzywoszynska, A. (2015) ‘Doing the ‘Dirty Work’ of the Green Economy: resource recovery and migrant labour in the EU’, European Urban and Regional Studies. Doi.org/10.1177/0969776414554489, recipient of the 2017 Jim Lewis Prize

Mawyin, Jose A., Krzywoszynska, A., Buckley, A., Gregson, N., Watson, M., Holmes, H., Chiles, P., and Lidzey, D. (2014) ‘Development of Community Led Renewable Energy Projects, MRS Online Proceedings Library 1657: mrsf13-1657. dx.doi.org/10.1557/opl.2014.96 

Krzywoszynska, A. (2013) ‘“Waste? You mean by-products!” From Bio-waste Management to Agro-ecology in Italian Winemaking and Beyond’, Sociological Review, Special Issue: Sociological Review Monograph Series: Waste Matters: New Perspective on Food and Society Vol. 60 (S2) 47-65. doi.org/10.1111/1467-954X.12037

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