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Amber Kornet is a guest PhD Candidate, she works for Saxion University of Applied Sciences as a researcher of the researchgroup Employability Transitions. She works on the NWO project Hit the Gas; learning communities to accelerate innovation in the installation sector. Her research is about team learning and team reflexivity and what supports effective team learning and team reflexivity processes. In her research she uses a mixed methods approach to triangulate and complement the results and she designs interventions to improve learning in the learning communities so they can make a direct impact on practice. Coming from a University of Applied Sciences, the application of her research is very important to her. 


Hit the Gas is an NWO project targetting to support and stimulate innovation in the installation sector. Due to the energy transition the sector is under a lot of stress dealing with innovations in the field and shortages in staff. The learning communities aim to support installationworkers and vocational education teachers to come up with solutions for the problems they face. This can result in process improvements, the implementation of new technologies or ICT solutions and improved working procedures to work more efficient and effective. The team members learn about the new processes and technologies and experiment with them over the course of the learning community to come up with workable sollutions. My PhD focusses on understanding the learning processes these learning communities go through when they try to solve these problems and how they can best be supported. 

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University of Twente
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The Netherlands

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University of Twente
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