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Ammarin Kraibut was born in 1983 at Krabi province, Thailand. He finished the Bachelor Science in majoring rubber technology at Prince of Songkla University, Thailand in 2006. His internship was joined with Tokuyama Siam Silica co.,ltd. His thesis is about ionic elastomer blends to complete Bachelor degree and his work was published in 2007. In same year, he had been the technical staff of the compounding section in Thai Bridgestine c., ltd. until end of 2009 then he had achieved the Japanese government scholarship to study the master program in majoring material science at Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan. Then he had worked with Japanese trading company about 8 years in position of sales executive manager. He started Ph.D double degree program between university in Thailand and the Netherlands from 2020. His project is about "Investigation of Rubber Degradation during Mixing in Silica-Reinforced Natural Rubberbased Tire Tread Compounds" as financial supported by the Dutch Natural Rubber Foundation (Rubber Stichting, the Netherlands), and the Prince of Songkla University (Thailand) Ph.D. Scholarship.



The high temperatures of silanization of silica filled natural rubber (NR) compounds during mixing, thermo-oxidative degradation of filled NR compound can possibly be simultaneously induced which is due to the heat and oxygen. Therefore, in order to better understand the NR degradation phenomenon, degradation of the rubber will be characterized by various techniques via monitoring the structural change, viscoelastic response, change of molecular weight.


- 2006, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Bachelor Science in majoring rubber technology

- 2011, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

Master of Engineering in majoring material science


As degradation of NR during high temperature mixing needed for the silanization is one of the concerns, the phenomenon should be elucidated in order to get a better understanding when silicasilane technology is used for silica-reinforced NR-based compounds. An investigation on a practical rubber compound that contains fillers at high loading, process oil and various additives will be a challenge as analysis of any changes caused by the degradation process of NR will be complicated. This is not only because of a mixture of various components that are mixed into NR, but also due to the competitive reactions between the silanization and degradation that may balance off some compound properties and cannot be used to judge the NR degradation. Nevertheless, the effect of some key ingredients and mixing conditions of silica-reinforced NR-based compounds on rubber degradation should be investigated. Tire compounds related properties such as processibility, cure behaviors, filler-rubber and filler-filler interactions, mechanical and dynamical properties of the rubber vulcanizates will be evaluated.

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