C. Chalkiadakis MSc (Charis)

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After I completed my B.Sc. studies in Physics at the University of Crete in 2014, I received the M.Sc. degree in Industrial Ecology (“the science of sustainability”) at Delft University of Technology in 2017. At the Geo-Information Processing (GIP) department of the ITC faculty these days, I am performing my research on marine ecosystems, and on mapping the benefit flows (ecosystem service flows) people receive from them.

The question that drives most of my research is: How can we ensure a constant supply of information to manage marine & coastal space and ecosystem services efficiently?

My overall experience is but not limited to prioritizing renewable sources of energy and monitoring environmental networks while informing the management of natural resources through geospatial analysis.


Earth & Environmental Sciences
Ecosystem Service
Energy Conversion
Literature Review
Social Sciences
Ecological System


The increased demand for benefits derived from the environment (aka ecosystem services (ES)) locally and globally has been deteriorating marine ecosystems around the world despite the increasing efforts for conservation. So far, scholars have focused on ecosystem service modeling and mapping for the ES supply and demand side, ignoring the importance of ES flows. ES flows or else framed in this study social-ecological system (SES) flows, are the services that are actually received by people.

My objective is to assess (quantify and map) the current state of SES flows in small-scale marine systems and in large-scale marine systems, respectively. Also, my aim is to provide an integrated and reproducible modeling and mapping approach to assess marine SES flows. My focus is mainly on marine ecosystems of West African countries.

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