dr. D.F. Westerheijden (Don)

Retired senior research associate

About Me

Don is a retired (2021) researcher on quality management in higher education. He studied quality assurance and accreditation and their impacts, as well as university rankings and performance (indicators, contracts). 

Don was involved in thesis supervision (bachelor, master and Ph.D.) as well as post-experience training and consultancy, such as projects for higher education ministries, the European Commission, quality assurance agencies and higher education institutions across Europe, in Asia, the United States and Africa.


Social Sciences
Quality Assurance
Structural Reform


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van Vught, F. A., van der Wende, M. C. , & Westerheijden, D. F. (2018). Globalisation and Differentiation in Higher Education Systems. In J. Juisman, & M. Tight (Eds.), Theory and Method in Higher Education Research (Vol. 4, pp. 85-101). (Theory and method in higher education research; Vol. 4). Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.. https://doi.org/10.1108/S2056-375220180000004007
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Formerly supervisor of bachelor and master theses, as well as of PhD dissertations, all if connected with (quality in) higher education.

Courses Academic Year  2021/2022

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Courses Academic Year  2020/2021



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