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At the Wetsus Center of Sustainable Water Technology and University of Twente:


Other Contributions
  • Astrid H. Paulitsch-Fuchs, Natalia Stanulewicz, Bernhard Pollner, Nigel Dyer, Elmar C. Fuchs,Strong gradients in weak magnetic fields affect the long-term biological activity of tap water, Water (Seattle) 12 (2021) 28-45
  • Adam D. Wexler, Jakob Woisetschläger, Ursula Reiter, Gert Reiter, Michael Fuchsjäger, Elmar C. Fuchs, Lothar Brecker, Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Mapping of Spin Relaxation in Electrically Stressed Glycerol, ACS Omega 5 (2020) 22057-22070
  • Gerwin W. Steen, Adam D. Wexler, Elmar C. Fuchs, Herman L. Offerhaus, Gerwin W. Steen, Adam D. Wexler, Elmar C. Fuchs, Herman L. Offerhaus, A First Step towards Determining the Ionic Content in Water with an Integrated Optofluidic Chip Based on Near-Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy,MDPI Optics 1(2) (2020), 175-190
  • M. van de Griend, E.C. Fuchs, L.L.F. Agostinho, N. Dyer, W. Loiskandl, Consequences of the integration of a hyperbolic showerhead for droplets, jet break-up and physical-chemical parameters, MDPI Water 11 (2019) 2446
  • A.D. Wexler, E.C. Fuchs, J. Woisetschläger, G. Vitiello, Electrically induced liquid-liquid phase transition in water at room temperature,PCCP 21 (2019) 18541-18550
  • E.C. Fuchs, D. Yntema, J. Woisetschläger, Raman spectroscopy and shadowgraph visualization of excess protons in high-voltage electrolysis of pure water, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys 52 (2019) 365302
  • G.W. Steen, A.D. Wexler, E.C. Fuchs, H.A. Bakker, P.D. Nguyen, H.L. Offerhaus, Role of temperature in de-mixing absorbance spectra composed of compound electrolyte solutions, Appl. Opt. 57 (2018) 1-7
  • G.W. Steen, E.C. Fuchs, A.D. Wexler, H.L. Offerhaus, Design considerations to realize differential absorption based optofluidic sensors for determination of ionic content in water, IEEE Sensors 18 (2018) 6051-6058
  • L.L.F. Agostinho, B.Bo, A.Kamau, S.P. Brouwer, E.C. Fuchs, J.C.M. Marijnissen, Simple-jet mode electrosprays with water. Description, characterization and application in a single effect evaporation chamber, J. Aerosol Sc. 125 (2018) 237-250
  • A.H. Paulitsch-Fuchs, A. Zsohár, A.D. Wexler, A. Zauner, C. Kittinger, J. de Valença, E.C. Fuchs, Behavioral study of selected microorganisms in an aqueous electrohydrodynamic liquid bridge, Biochem. Biophys. Rep 10 (2017) 287–296
  • A.D. Wexler, S. Drusová, E.C. Fuchs, J. Woisetschläger, G. Reiter, M. Fuchsjäger, U. Reiter, Magnetic resonance imaging of flow and mass transfer in electrohydrodynamic liquid bridges,J. Vis. 20 (2017) 97
  • A.D. Wexler, S. Drusová, J. Woisetschläger and E.C. Fuchs, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and collective vibrational modes of liquid water in an inhomogeneous electric field,PCCP 18 (2016) 16281-16292
  • M. Sammer, C. Kamp, A.H. Paulitsch-Fuchs, A.D. Wexler, C.J.N. Buisman, E.C. Fuchs, Strong Gradients in Weak Magnetic Fields Induce
    DOLLOP Formation in Tap Water,
    Water 8 (2016) 79
  • M. Sammer, A.D. Wexler, P. Kuntke, H. Wiltsche, N. Stanulewicz, E. Lankmayr, J. Woisetschläger, E.C. Fuchs, Proton production, neutralisation and reduction in a floating water bridge, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys 48 (2015) 415501
  • G.W. Steen, E.C. Fuchs, A.D. Wexler, H.L. Offerhaus, Identification and quantification of 16 inorganic ions in water by Gaussian curve fitting of near-infrared difference absorbance spectra, Appl. Opt. 54 (2015) 1–6
  • M. Sammer, B. Laarhoven, E. Mejias, D. Yntema, E.C. Fuchs, G. Holler, G. Brasseur, E. Lankmayr, Biomass measurement of living Lumbriculus variegatus with impedance spectroscopy, J Electr Bioimp. 5 (2014) 92–98
  • L.L.F. Agostinho, C. U. Yurteri, J. Wartena, S. P. Brouwer, E.C. Fuchs, J.C.M. Marijnissen, Insulated multinozzle system for electrohydrodynamic atomization in the simple-jet mode, Appl. Phys. Let. 102 (2013) 194103
  • L.L.F. Agostinho, G. Tamminga, C.U. Yurteri, S.P. Brouwer, E.C. Fuchs, J.C.M. Marijnissen, Morphology of water electrosprays in the simple-jet mode, Phys. Rev. E 86 (2012) 066317
  • E.C. Fuchs, A. Cherukupally, A.H. Paulitsch-Fuchs, L.L.F. Agostinho, A.D. Wexler, J. Woisetschläger and F.T. Freund, Investigation of the Mid-Infrared Emission of a Floating Water Bridge, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 45 (2012) 475401
  • L.L.F. Agostinho, C. Yurteri, E.C. Fuchs and J.C.M. Marijnissen, Monodisperse water microdroplets generated by electrohydrodynamic atomization in the simple-jet mode, Appl. Phys. Let. 100 (2012) 244105
  • A.H. Paulitsch-Fuchs, E. C. Fuchs, A.D. Wexler, F.T. Freund, L.J. Rothschild, A. Cherukupally and G.-J. W. Euverink, Prokaryotic transport in electrohydrodynamic structures, Phys. Biol. 9 (2012) 026006 (11pp)
  • J. Woisetschläger, A. D. Wexler, G. Holler, M. Eisenhut, K. Gatterer, E. C. Fuchs, Horizontal bridges in polar dielectric liquids, Exp. Fluids 52 (2012) 193-205
  • L. Piatkowski, A.D. Wexler, E.C. Fuchs, H. Schoenmaker, H.J. Bakker, Ultrafast vibrational energy relaxation of the water bridge,PCCP 14 (2012) 6160-6164
  • M. Sammer, C. Kamp, D. Yntema, M. Horner, E.C. Fuchs, G. Holler, J. Woisetschläger, E. Lankmayr, The Bioscope System - Testing and validating a novel sensor for aqueous solutions, J. Water Chem. Tech. 33 (2011) 369-376
  • L.L.F. Agostinho, E.C. Fuchs, S.J. Metz, C.U. Yuteri, J.C. Marijnissen, Reverse movement and coalescence of water microdroplets in electrohydrodynamic atomization, Phys. Rev.. E 84 (2011) 026317 (12pp)
  • E.C. Fuchs, C. Sommer, F.P.Wenzl, B. Bitschnau, A.H. Paulitsch, A. Mühlanger, K. Gatterer, Polyspectral white light emission from Eu3+, Tb3+, Dy3+, Tm3+ co-doped GdAl3(BO3)4 phosphors obtained by combustion synthesis,Materials Science and Engineering B 156 (2009) 73–78
  • M.A.S. Goher, B. Sodin, B. Bitschnau, E.C. Fuchs, F.A. Mautner, Ladders, rings and cubes as structural motifs in three new zinc(II) azide complexes. Synthesis, spectral and structural characterization, Polyhedron 27 (2008) 1423 - 1431
  • L. Brecker, D. Wicklein, H. Moll, E. C. Fuchs, W.-M. Becker, A. Petersen, Structural and immunological properties of arabinogalactan polysaccharides from pollen of timothy grass (Phleum pratense L.), Carbohydrate Research 340 (2005) 657-663
  • M. H. Bartl, E. C. Fuchs, K. Gatterer, H. P. Fritzer, M. Bettinelli, and A. Speghini, Spectroscopic and Crystal Field Investigation of Kramers-Ions: Nd3+:YAB - a Case Study of the Crystal Field Structure of the 4I9/2 Ground State,J. Solid State Chem. 167 (2002) 386-392

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