dr.ir. E.C.J. van Oost (Ellen)

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Communication Technology
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Recent Articles
van Oost, E. C. J. (2016). Le genre matérialisé : comment les rasoirs électriques congurent la féminité et la masculinité des usagers. In A-M. Devreux (Ed.), Les sciences et le genre: Déjouer l’androcentrisme (pp. 127-140). PUR, Presses universitaires de Rennes.
Verhaegh, S., van Oost, E. C. J., & Oudshoorn, N. E. J. (2016). Innovation in Civil Society: The Socio-material Dynamics of a Community Innovation. In S. Hyysalo, T. E. Jensen, & N. Oudshoorn (Eds.), The new production of users: changing innovation collectives and involvement strategies (pp. 193-218). (Routledge studies in innovation, organization and technology). Routledge.
Smith, A., Hielscher, S., Dickel, S., Söderberg, J., & van Oost, E. C. J. (2013). Grassroots digital fabrication and makerspaces: Reconfiguring, relocating and recalbirating innovation? (SPRU working paper series; No. 2013-02). Brighton: SPRU, Science and Technology Policy Research.
Oudshoorn, N. E. J., Verhaegh, S., & van Oost, E. C. J. (2012). De dynamiek van gebruikersgeïnitieerde innovatie in ICT-netwerken. In Verbindingen verkend: Kennis uit NWO-programma Netwerk van Netwerken in beeld gebracht Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO).
Verhaegh, S., & van Oost, E. C. J. (2012). Who cares? Maintenance work in a Wi-Fi community innovation. In T. Egyedi, & D. Mehos (Eds.), Inverse infrastructures: disrupting the system from below (pp. 141-160). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
van Oost, E. C. J. (2012). Reflections on Textbooks for Teaching TA. In M. Dusseldorp, & R. Beecroft (Eds.), Technikfolgen abschätzen lehren. (pp. 309-319). Wiesbaden: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-531-93468-6_17
Schaper-Rinkel, P., Weber, M., Wasserbacher, D., van Oost, E. C. J., Ordonez Matamoros, H. G., Krooi, M., ... Pelkonen, A. (2012). Research & Innovation Futures 2030: From explorative to transformative scenarios. Deliverable D1.1 Stocktaking report on results of FLAs and State-of-the-Art in research. (SiS-2011-289058; No. SiS-2011-289058). Brussels, Belgium: EC.

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