dr. F. Huthoff (Fredrik)

Assistant Professor

About Me

I am part-time Assistant Professor in the group 'Marine and Fluvial systems' and focus my research and lecturing activities on physical processes of river systems. I obtained my PhD in 2007 in this same group (Thesis "Modeling Hydraulic Resistance of Floodplain Vegetation") and after that I have worked as consultant and researcher on river management and integrated flood risk management projects in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Mozambique and Myanmar.

I am fascinated by the complexity of river systems and find pleasure in trying to understand their dynamics in terms of fluid mechanics and sediment transport processes. Flow theory, laboratory experiments, computational models and field observations all contribute a piece to the puzzle, and if they reveal some governing river behaviour I find that just awesome!




Earth & Environmental Sciences
River System
Water Level
Engineering & Materials Science


Huthoff, F., Wegman, C., & Vieira da Silva, J. (2023). A mass balance model for transported waste in rivers. 11-11. Abstract from NCR Days 2023, Nijmegen, Netherlands. https://kbase.ncr-web.org/outputs/towards-2048-the-next-25-years-of-river-studies/
Bilgili, E. , Bomers, A., Van lente, G. J. , Huthoff, F. , & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2023). The effect of a local mesh refinement on hydraulic modelling of river meanders. River research and applications, 39(5), 832-846. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1002/rra.4110
Leal Filho, W., Dedeoglu, C., Dinis, M. A. P., Salvia, A. L., Barbir, J., Voronova, V., Abubakar, I. R., Iital, A., Pachel, K. , Huthoff, F., Sharifi, A., Yang, P. J., Klavins, M., & Emanche, V. O. (2022). Riverine Plastic Pollution in Asia: Results from a Bibliometric Assessment. Land, 11(7), Article 1117. https://doi.org/10.3390/land11071117
Gensen, M. R. A. , Warmink, J. J. , Huthoff, F. , & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2021). Analysis of water balance and discharge distribution at river bifurcations using Bayesian rating curves. 4. Abstract from 8th International Conference on Flood Management 2021, Iowa City, Iowa, United States.
Gensen, M. R. A. (2021). Discharge and water level uncertainty in bifurcating rivers. [PhD Thesis - Research UT, graduation UT, University of Twente]. University of Twente. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036553056
Gensen, M. R. A. , Warmink, J. J. , Berends, K. D. , Huthoff, F. , & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2021). Rating curves with a closing water balance in the bifurcating Rhine River in the Netherlands. 242. Abstract from 4th International Conference on the Status and Future of the World's Large Rivers, Moscow, Russian Federation.
Pasman, R., Schielen, R., Bricker, J., van der Hout, A., Mosselman, E., Uijttewaal, W., Collas, F. , & Huthoff, F. (2021). Damping of ship-induced primary waves in groyne fields. In NCR Days 2021 “Rivers in an uncertain future”: Book of Abstracts

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