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In august 2012, I graduated from the Master Communication Studies. In march 2013 I started working as a PhD student for the department Psychology, Health & Technology of the University of Twente. The overall objective of my PhD project is to examine the added value of the personal health record (PHR) e-Vita, as an integral approach of disease management for patients with diabetes type 2 (T2DM), chronic heart failure (CHF) or COPD.


Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Personal Health Records
Primary Health Care
Self Care
Medical Problems
Heart Failure
Big Data
Medical Problems


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Research projects

The research project consists of three tracks:

Track 1: The system e-Vita. How is the PHR used on the long term, what usage patterns emerge and who are the actual users of e-Vita? Can we predict the use of a PHR like e-Vita on the basis of user characteristics, and how can we use this information to make PHRs more persuasive?

Track 2: Experiences of patients and caregivers. What influence do the perceptions and experiences of e-Vita users (patients as well as caregivers) have on the use and effects of e-Vita?

Track 3: Care processes. How can a PHR like e-Vita be implemented in the current care standards for the treatment of T2DM, CHF or COPD, in such a way that it is of added value?

With the use of log data, interviews, surveys and usability tests, both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected regarding the usage, users and the implementation of the PHR e-Vita. It is the first time that an integral evaluation of the use and implementation of a PHR for several chronic conditions is carried out.

The project is commissioned by Stichting Zorg Binnen Bereik (Foundation Care Within Reach) and is conducted in collaboration with the University Medical Centers of Utrecht and Leiden, the VU Medical Center Amsterdam and the Kenniscentrum Ketenzorg in Zwolle.

Supervisors in the study are prof. dr. J.E.W.C. (Lisette) van Gemert-Pijnen and prof. dr. R. (Robbert) Sanderman. Co-supervisors are dr. S.M. (Saskia) Keldersand dr. L.M.A. (Annemarie) Braakman-Jansen.

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