dr. H.C. Prenger (Rilana)

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My background is in Psychology. In 2012, I finished my PhD thesis on the subject of cost-effectiveness of behavioral interventions.

Since November 2014, I work as a post doc researcher on the project ‘Data teams’. My research is about the functioning and sustainability of these teams. What are the effects and what can be done to enhance these effects? Which psychological factors are important for data-based decision making among teachers? What makes these data teams sustainable within the organization of the school? Additionally, my research focus is on networked professional learning communities (PLCs). In a national research project, 23 PLCs are followed for four years to examine the effects, influencing factors and processes on teachers' professional development.


Cost-Benefit Analysis
Health Promotion
Smoking Cessation
Costs And Cost Analysis


de Vries, S., & Prenger, R. (2018). A lesson study professional learning network in secondary education. In C. Brown, & C. L. Poortman (Eds.), Networks for learning: effective collaboration for teachers, school and system improvement (pp. 248-279). London: Taylor & Francis.
Prenger, R., Poortman, C. L., & Handelzalts, A. (2017). Professional learning networks: From teacher learning to sustainable school improvement?. Paper presented at European Conference on Educational Research, ECER 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.
de Vries, S., Prenger, R., & Poortman, C. L. (2017). A Lesson study professional network. Paper presented at 30th International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement, ICSEI 2017, Ottawa, Canada.
Prenger, R., Poortman, C., & Handelzalts, A. (2016). Effects and Influencing Factors of Networked PLCs. 23-23. Paper presented at 29th International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement 2016, Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Versteegh, M. M., Vermeulen, K. M., Evers, S. M. A. A., de Wit, G. A., Prenger, H. C., & Stolk, E. A. (2016). Dutch Tariff for the Five-Level Version of EQ-5D. Value in health, 19(4), 343-352. DOI: 10.1016/j.jval.2016.01.003
Benning, T. M., Alayli-Goebbels, A. F. G., Aarts, M-J., Stolk, E., de Wit, G. A., Prenger, H. C., ... Evers, S. M. A. A. (2015). Exploring Outcomes to Consider in Economic Evaluations of Health Promotion Programs: What Broader Non-Health Outcomes Matter Most?BMC health services research, 15(266), 266-. [266]. DOI: 10.1186/s12913-015-0908-y
Meulenbeek, P. A. M., Boonk, E., Prenger, H. C., & Smit, F. (2013). Kosteneffectiviteitsanalyses in de ggz: begrippen en technieken. GZ-psychologie, (6/september), 20-.
Meulenbeek, P. A. M., Boonk, E., Prenger, H. C., & Smit, F. (2013). Kosteneffectiviteitsanalyse van de cursus Geen Paniek. GZ-psychologie, (7/november), 18-26.

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