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About Me

Henry van Beusichem holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM)/Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He also holds a B.Eng. degree in Industrial Engineering (Hogeschool ‘s-Hertogenbosch), and M.Sc. degrees in Business Administration with a major in Finance & Investments (RSM, Erasmus University) and in International Management (Community of European Management Schools).

He worked as a controller and gained professional experience at CRH Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Germany). In 2007, he joined the Department of Finance of RSM, Erasmus University as a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of prof. dr. Abe de Jong. His Ph.D. trajectory was supported by ERIM and NWO (NWO projects 360-52-080 and 360-52-082, applied for by prof. dr. Jan Luiten van Zanden and prof. dr. Abe de Jong). He joined the Department of Finance & Accounting of the Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences (BMS) in 2011. 


Dutch (native), English (fluent), German (fluent)


The Netherlands
Peer Group
Dividend Policy
Price Effects
International Financial Reporting Standards


His research interests are in the area of empirical corporate finance and include capital structure choice, dividend policy, corporate investment (valuation), corporate governance and financial reporting. This also includes the history of finance and governance in the Netherlands. Additionally, current and future projects are especially related to valuation, machine learning, digitization and financial distress.

PhD thesis

  • Firms and Financial Markets: Empirical studies on the informational value of dividends, governance and financial reporting (No. EPS-2016-378-F&A). ERIM Ph.D. Series Research in Management. Erasmus University Rotterdam., Promotor: Abe de Jong, Co-promotor: Gerarda Westerhuis (URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1765/93079)


  • Abe de Jong, Philip T. Fliers and Henry van Beusichem. 'Catering and dividend policy: Evidence from the Netherlands over the Twentieth Century,' Financial History Review, 26(3), 321-358.
  • Stefan O. Grbenic, Henry van Beusichem, Dejan Spasić and Faruk Dayi (2019). 'Transaction multiples in high-tech industries,' WINGbusiness, 2019(4), 36-41.
  • Stefan O. Grbenic and Henry van Beusichem (2019). 'Transaktionsmultiplikatoren: Peer Group - Mysterium Magnum, Teil 2: Aktuelle Branchenmultiplikatoren für Österreich,' Zeitschrift für Recht & Rechnungswesen (RWZ), Heft 5, 32 (2019/32).
  • Stefan O. Grbenic and Henry van Beusichem (2019). 'Transaktionsmultiplikatoren: Peer Group - Mysterium Magnum, Teil 1: Selektionsstrategien, Umfang und regionale Zusammensetzung,' Zeitschrift für Recht & Rechnungswesen (RWZ), Heft 3, 18 (2019/18).
  • Abe de Jong, Teye Marra and Henry van Beusichem (2016). 'The price impact of block transactions in the Netherlands,' International Journal of Corporate Governance, 7(1), 1-31.
  • Henry van Beusichem, Abe de Jong, Douglas V. DeJong and Gerard Mertens (2016). 'Transparency, corporate governance and firm performance in The Netherlands,' Maandblad voor Accounting en Bedrijfseconomie, 90(7/8), 308-322.

Work in progress

  • ‘The logic of dividend policy in the twentieth century: Evidence from the Netherlands,’ with Abe de Jong and Philip T. Fliers
  • ‘The informational role of dividends in the Netherlands 1961-2006,’ with Abe de Jong


His papers have been presented at e.g. the European Business History Association meetings (2008, 2015), Annual Economic History Society conference (2009), Tilec/AFM Seminar at Tilburg University (2006), Belgian Financial Research Forum (2014), RSM Erasmus University in Ph.D. Seminar Series, RSM Erasmus University/ERIM PhD Defense (2016), University of Groningen (PEGDECH Seminar, 2018) and UTwente F&A Research Seminars (2018).

Research funding

  • NWO projects 360-52-080 and 360-52-082

Professional service

  • Ad-hoc referee for Applied Economics and Economic Systems
  • Discussant at ‘Corporate Finance Day’ at RSM Erasmus University (2008)
  • Member of Business History @ Erasmus platform
  • Contact person/Reviewer for the Ethics Committee BMS (2016-...)

Media coverage 


Grbenic, S. O. , van Beusichem, H. C., Spasić, D., & Dayi, F. (2019). Transaction Multiples in High-Tech Industries. WINGbusiness, 2019(4), 36-41. https://issuu.com/beablond/docs/heft_04_2019
Grbenic, S. O. , & van Beusichem, H. C. (2019). Transaktionsmultiplikatoren: Peer Group - Mysterium Magnum: Teil 2: Aktuelle Branchenmultiplikatoren für Österreich. RWZ - Zeitschrift für Recht & Rechnungswesen, 2019(Heft 5), [32].
van Beusichem, H. C., de Jong, A., DeJong, D., & Mertens, G. (2016). Transparency, corporate governance and firm performance in The Netherlands. Maandblad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfseconomie, 90(7/8), 308-322.
de Jong, A., Marra, T. , & van Beusichem, H. C. (2016). The price impact of block transactions in the Netherlands. International journal of corporate governance, 7(1), 1-31. https://doi.org/10.1504/IJCG.2016.077980

UT Research Information System


His teaching covers a variety of (under)graduate courses and modules in the areas of corporate finance, entrepreneurial finance, valuation, corporate governance, financial and management accounting, finance for engineers in the (International) Business Administration, Industrial Engineering & Management, Business & IT, Health Science, and Entrepreneurship programmes, and supervise BSc and MSc theses related to the before mentioned areas.

Teaching activities

University of Science and Technology of China  

  • Guest lectures (2017) at USTC in Hefei (MSc students) and Suzhou (MBA students).

University of Twente

  • Courses including Corporate Financial Management and Analysis (BScIBA2: 201100026), International Financial Management (BScIBA2: 201100031), Seminar Corporate Finance (BScIBA2: 201100038), Management Accounting and Control (BScBA2: 194110040), IBA Project (BScBA3: 201100041), Accounting & Finance (pre-MScBA4: 201400016), Finance & Corporate Governance (MScBA4 201600010), Business Valuation & Corporate Governance (MscBA4: 201800089), Corporate Finance for Business Administration (MScBA4: 194110070), Entrepreneurial Finance (MScBA4: 201000087)
  • Modules including Finance, Accounting and Information Systems (BScIBA1: M3 201300103, FAIS), Financing Entrepreneurial Start-ups and Innovative firms (BScIBA2, M8 201500016, FENSI); Change, Governance, Ethics and Leadership (BScIBA3: M11 201500017); Innovation & Entrepreneurship (HTHT: M 201500115); I&E Basics: Innovation & Entrepreneurial Finance EIT (201700180); Finance for Engineers (TBK 201400056/BIT 201400301); Health Economics and Accounting (BScHS 201400079)
  • Contribution to the Executive Master in Risk Management programme.
  • Thesis supervision (BSc/MSc)

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

  • Course: Corporate Finance (BSc BA: BKB0023) as tutorial instructor
  • Thesis supervision (BSc/MSc)

Professional services

  • Member of (I)BA Program Committee (2017-…)
  • Contact person/Reviewer for the Ethics Committee BMS (2016-...)
  • Member of the BSc IBA Program accreditation team: EPAS (2013, 2016) and NVAO (2013)
  • Module coordinator (2012-2015)
  • Participant in the digital testing pilot (2018)
  • Visit to the strategic partner Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia (2017)
  • Ad-hoc reviewer of textbooks (e.g. Pearson: Corporate Finance textbook)

Teaching qualifications

  • University Teaching Qualification, University of Twente (planned 2020)
  • Basic Didactics Certificate, RISBO (2010)

The following overview consists of current educational activities.

Affiliated Study Programmes




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