H.M. Schellevis MSc (Michel)


Engineering & Materials Science
Sorbent Material
Earth & Environmental Sciences


Direct Air Capture (DAC) is the main topic of this research. This is the separation of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A compact DAC reactor system is developed using adsorption technology with supported-amine sorbents. With a temperature-vacuum swing adsorption cycle, a highly concentrated carbon dioxide product stream is obtained. This technology delivers a location independent, sustainable carbon source.

This research is conducted as part of the IDEA project funded by INTERREG North-West Europe (www.nweurope.eu/idea). Within IDEA we envision the Implementation and Development of Economic viable Algae-based value chains in North-West Europe. Algae offer a potential as renewable feedstock, since the produce a large variety of compounds via the conversion of carbon dioxide, light and nutrients. The project innovates and pushes the process development form individual solutions to a viable process chain targeting final compounds for food, feed and cosmetic applications

IDEA addresses innovations related to: (1) algae species for North-West Europe climate and cultivation efficiency for prolonged growth seasons in North-West Europe (up to 360 days), (2) development of an automated water recirculation, harvest unit & alternative carbon dioxide resources, (3) storage concept, logistics and preservation of algae biomass, (4) regional activities for algae processing, potentially comparable to the milk industry, (5) >15 novel products formulations to targeting value generation.        

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