H. Mysore Prabhakara MSc (Harsha)

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Presently I am a PhD researcher in the Laboratory of Thermal Engineering. My research is mainly focused on enhanced catalytic pyrolysis of biomass.

In the year 2010, I graduated as a bachelor of engineering  in mechanical engineering with a bachelor thesis titled" Vibrational analysis of a Tip shrouded Gas Turbine Blade" at the "Gas Turbine Research Establishment" India . Following my bachelor thesis I worked as an Engineer in the manufacturing domain at Toyota industries in India for 2.5 years. Further I decided to take up master studies in Germany in the year 2014. 

In 2016, I received the MSc degree in Chemical and Energy Engineering at the Otto Von Guericke University in Germany. The MSc research (“Characterization of Hydroponic root mat constructed wetland through flow tests”) was performed at the Helmholtz center of Environmental research, Leipzig, Germany. Overall I am integrating my multi disciplinary skills in engineering sciences in the field of environment and green fuels. 




Engineering & Materials Science
Sodium Carbonate
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Circular Economy
Fiber-Reinforced Composite


Fast pyrolysis of biomass is one of the most promising ways to directly generate liquid fuels from biomass. However, the produced pyrolysis oil may have several major quality issues which suppress its application for power and heat generation or transportation fuels. The Enhanced Catalytic Pyrolysis (EnCat) project investigates a new concept for the production of high-quality and yield of bio-oil. The pretreated biomass will be pyrolysed in a reactor making use of deoxygenation catalysts. Simultaneously, CO 2 will be captured with sorbents and via the water-gas-shift reaction in-situ hydrogen will be produced. After cleaning the vapours,  this hydrogen will be used in a second stage fixed catalytic bed reactor for mild hydrogenation of the oil vapors and thus improve the quality of the oil. The high-quality oil will be used for combustion tests in both a diesel engine and a gas turbine for combined power and heat generation.


04/2014 - 11/2016 – Otto Von Guericke University, Germany

                                 M.Sc. Chemical and Energy Engineering

06/2006 – 06/2010- Visvesvaraya Technological University, India

                                B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

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Courses Academic Year  2021/2022

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