dr. H.R.G.K. Hack (Robert)


Engineering & Materials Science
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Tropical Environment


Madirisha, M. M. , Lievens, C. , Hack, H. R. G. K. , & van der Meer, F. D. (2020). Bio-corrosion and acid stimulation in geothermal operations: abstract + presentation. 1 + s1-s24. Abstract from 3rd International Tanzania Energy Platform Conference 2020, Zanzibar, Tanzania, United Republic of.
Hack, H. R. G. K. (2020). Weathering, erosion and susceptibility to weathering. In M. Kanji, M. He, & L. Ribeira e Sousa (Eds.), Soft Rock Mechanics and Engineering (1 ed., pp. 291-333). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978303029477-9_11
Van der Boom, P., Brinkmann, A. J. F. , Hack, H. R. G. K., Linse, C. A., Slijpen, C. P., Vogel, R. L., & Wagenmakers, A. (2019). Bestemmingsplan Energielandgoed Wells Meer, gemeente Bergen (L); Advies over reikwijdte en detailniveau van het milieueffectrapport 3392. (MER Milieu - Effectrapportage; Vol. 3392). Commissie voor de Milieu Effect Reportage (MER). http://www.commissiemer.nl/docs/mer/p33/p3392/3392_toetsingsadvies.pdf
Hack, H. R. G. K., Geerts, R., Goetheer, E. L. V., Siedsma, J., van der Valk, B., Vogel, R. L., Webers, H., & de Zoeten, G. (2019). Rotterdam CCUS Project (Porthos); Advies over reikwijdte en detailniveau van het milieueffectrapport. (MER Milieu - Effectrapportage; Vol. 3338). Commissie voor de Millieueffectrapportage (MER). https://www.commissiemer.nl/docs/mer/p33/p3338/a3338_rd_advies.pdf
Hack, H. R. G. K. (2019). Environmental Impact Assessment for Oil & Gas and Geothermal Exploitation: powerpoint. s1-s36. 2nd TEP Regional Conference on "The State of Energy Development & Management in Eastern and Southern Africa" 2019, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of.

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