H. Shi MSc (Hao)

PhD Candidate / PhD Student


Particle Size
Granular Materials
Mechanical Properties


Recent Articles
Shi, H., Mohanty, R., Chakravarty, S., Cabiscol, R., Morgeneyer, M., Zetzener, H., ... Magnanimo, V. (2018). Effect of Particle Size and Cohesion on Powder Yielding and Flow. Kona, [2018014]. DOI: 10.14356/kona.2018014
Weinhart, T., Tunuguntla, D. R., van Schrojenstein Lantman, M. P., Denissen, I. F. C., Windows-Yule, K., Polman, H., ... Thornton, A. R. (2017). MercuryDPM: Fast, flexible particle simulations in complex geometries Part B: Applications. In 5th International Conference on Particle-Based Methods - Fundamentals and Applications, PARTICLES 2017 International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering.
Shi, H., Vescovi, D., Singh, A., Roy, S., Magnanimo, V., & Luding, S. (2017). Granular Flow: From Dilute to Jammed States. In M. Sakellariou (Ed.), Granular Materials [Chapter 3] InTech. DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.68465
Shi, H., Luding, S., & Magnanimo, V. (2016). Limestone Powders Yielding and Steady State Resistance under shearing with different testers. Paper presented at 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Powder, Granule and Bulk Solids: Innovations and Applications, PGBSIA 2016, Jaipur, India.
Shi, H., Singh, A., Luding, S., & Magnanimo, V. (2015). Numerical and experimental investigation of yielding for cohesive dry powder. In H. Kalman, & A. Levy (Eds.), Proceedings 8th Int. Conference for Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids (CHOPS 2015) (pp. 1-9). Tel-Aviv, Israel: ORTRA.

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