J.A. Tessaro (Juliano)

Guest PhD Candidate

About Me

Brazilian-born Italian, multicultural background worked for Brazilian, American and European companies. Excellent team challenger and motivator, leveraging an MBA, extensive technical knowledge forged from 15+years in the automotive industry, strong business acumen and Big4 consulting firm experience to develop and implement robust sourcing strategies globally. Recognized for the ability to allocate resources to complete projects that deliver significant cost reductions using innovation and creativity.


Business & Economics
Buyer-Supplier Relationships
Theoretical Framework
Engineering & Materials Science


Purchasing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

General information about my research:

The goal of the doctoral thesis is to analyze the attractiveness of startup as a customer of young suppliers and established old suppliers. As startups face difficulties to become an attractive customer the proposal is to identify what are the real limitations to be an attractive customer The ultimate goal is to enable startups to achieve the “Preferred Customer status” increasing their potential growth and success rate.


Tessaro, J. A. , Harms, R. , & Schiele, H. (2021). Exploring how startups organize the purchasing function. In IPSERA Online Conference Abstracts (pp. 23-24)
Tessaro, J. , Harms, R. , & Schiele, H. (2020). Startups in the buyer-supplier relationship, limitations to be an attractive customer: definitions and theoretical framework. In IPSERA 2020 Conference Proceedings (pp. 27-27). [WP27] International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA).

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University of Twente
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The Netherlands

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University of Twente
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