J.G.M. Blondé (Jean-Baptiste)

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Jean-Baptiste started his bachelor in 2007 in the field of medical bioengineering at the University of Télécom Physique Strasbourg in France. After graduation, he continued through a Master degree in Micro and Nano electronics in the same University, that he completed by a 6 months internship at the Institute of Physical Chemistry in Warsaw (Poland). In 2014, he graduates with a Master thesis titled “2D gradient maps over orders of magnitude in concentration in nanoliter droplets”. Since November 2014, he his working as a PhD student at the University of Twente.


Self Assembly


Topic: “Microbubble-based nanoparticle co-delivery system for theranostic applications”

While nanometer-sized medicines hold great promises for tumor imaging and as therapeutic agents, their penetration in tumor tissues is highly challenging. This project aims at developing a microbubble-based nanoparticle co-delivery system (MiNaCo) for the delivery of imaging and therapeutic nanosystems deep in tumors upon ultrasound activation.

This project was made possible with the collaboration of Dr. Jai Prakash from the Department of Biomaterials, Science and Technology (DBE) and Pr. Michel Versluis from the Department of Physic of Fluidics, both active members at the University of Twente.


Asshoff, S. J., Lancia, F., Sukas, S., Blondé, J. B., Yamaguchi, T., Hommersom, C. A., ... Katsonis, N. (2015). Photo-switchable distributors of light based on self-assembled monodisperse chiral nematic microspheres. In MicroTAS 2015 - 19th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (pp. 233-235). The Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society.

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