J.J. Kosse MSc (Jaap)


Engineering & Materials Science
Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Fluids
Superconducting Magnets
Physics & Astronomy
Transverse Loads


Gao, P. , Dhalle, M. M. J. , Wessel, W. A. J. , Lubkemann, R. , Vermeer, C. H. , Kosse, J. J. , Krooshoop, H. J. G., Bordini, B., Tommasini, D., Ballarino, A., Bottura, L. , & ten Kate, H. H. J. (2018). Transverse pressure dependence of the critical current in RRP and PIT type Nb3Sn Rutherford cables for use in future accelerator magnets. 3LPo1D-09. Poster session presented at Applied Superconductivity Conference 2018, Seattle, Washington, United States.
Dai, C. , Kosse, J. J., Zhang, H., Liu, L., Qin, J., Wu, Y., Jin, H., Wang, T. , Zhou, C., & Liu, S. (2018). A Numerical Adiabatic Model for the Quench Behavior Analysis of the Ag-Matrix Bi-2212 Round Wire. IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity, 28(8), [6400706]. https://doi.org/10.1109/TASC.2018.2841919
Kosse, J. J. , Dhalle, M. M. J. , Zhou, C., Dijkstra, T. J., Kühlkamp, W., Rem, P. C. , ter Brake, H. J. M. , & ten Kate, H. H. J. (2017). A Superconducting Magnetic Density Separation Laboratory Demonstrator. Poster session presented at 25th International Conference on Magnet Technology, MT-25 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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