My research is concentrated around data. My main research themes are data science and artificial intelligence . My main application areas are currently in Health, Sports & Movement, Biodiversity and Citizen Science.


  • Computer Science

    • Models
    • Classes
    • Data Stream
    • Detection
    • Algorithms
    • Academia
    • Data Management
    • Design



Social connectedness at the playground before and after COVID-19 school closureJournal of applied developmental psychology, 87, Article 101562. Eichengreen, A., Tsou, Y.-T., Nasri, M., van Klaveren, L.-M., Li, B., Koutamanis, A., Baratchi, M., Blijd-Hoogewys, E., Kok, J. & Rieffe, C. 3D ground reaction forces in running using three inertial measurement unitsFrontiers in Sports and Active Living, 5, Article 1176466. Scheltinga, B. L., Kok, J. N., Buurke, J. H. & Reenalda, J.
An Ensemble of Autonomous Auto-Encoders for Human Activity RecognitionNeurocomputing, 439, 271-280. Dearo Garcia, K., Rebelo de Sá, C., Poel, M., Carvalho, T., Mendes-Moreira, J., Cardoso, J. M. P., de Carvalho, A. C. P. L. F. & Kok, J. N. learning approaches for non-stationary data streams. University of Twente. Dearo Garcia, K.

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