dr. J. van den Berg (Hans)

Educational consultant and trainer

About Me

I'm a chemist (PhD) and marketer (DipM) by training. Have joined the Centre of Expertise in Learning & Teaching (CELT, part of CES) in 2004. Before that, I've held management positions in the photographic industry and at Kiwa - a drinking water related not-for-profit. Next, I was a senior management consultant at Capgemini.

At CELT, I specialize in quality assurance, evaluation & accreditation, and advanced teacher development. Also, I've acted as the first programme manager of the mid-career MSc on Risk Management. Occasionally, I'm involved in research peer reviewing.


2018: co-researcher on (the first) Brinksma Innovation Grant work focusing on Threshold Concepts in IEM BSc Module 11 and IEM's MSc Premaster (bridging) programme. Article available.

2016-2017: co-researcher in a 4TU.CEE project focusing on educational innovation.

2015: First author of an article on Maturity Models in education, to support the Twente Educational Model.

Ongoing: I like and promote SoTL, the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. This has several forms, like: doing educational literature research for e.g. Conceptual Thinking; hosting a workshop on Science-Based Education; collaborating with a teacher team in preparing a scientific educational paper. Also, I'm an active writer on my LinkedIn page.



Other Contributions

S. Lowik, H. van den Berg, Read Students' Minds. How Cognitive Task Analysis Assists Students to Understand Threshold Concepts in Academic Skills. Conference paper for Edulearn 2018, Mallorca

Hans van den Berg, How to make a good SAR in 15 pages. Version 2.2, November 6, 2017 (internal report)

Hans van den Berg, Irene Steens, and Charlotte Oude Alink, Tailor-made Maturity Models for transformational change in HE - The implementation of the Twente Educational Model. (translated from Dutch with editor's and publisher's permission) THEMA (1) 2015 38-46

Dr. J. van den Berg, Drs. M.A. Hilderink, Drs. G. Pessers - Van Reeuwijk, en Drs. H.M. Peters, Zelfevaluatie, visitatie en accreditatie: Ervaringen van de 3 TU's. Mei 2006

Many other contributions, e.g. for workshops.


I'm a teacher trainer. Also, I often teach (bachelor's) students. Examples include:


  • Quality Assurance and Evaluation
  • Science-Based Education
  • Student-Centred Teaching & Learning / transformation to student-centredness
  • Threshold Concepts

(bachelor's) students

  • Presentation skills
  • Academic poster making
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaboration skills
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Introduction to Cognitive Task Analysis

Affiliated Study Programmes



Most projects I do are for degree programmes to prepare for (re)accreditation. In addition:

  • Brinksma Innovation Grant project on IEM BSc Module 11 and IEM MSc Premaster

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University of Twente
Centre for Educational Support
Citadel (building no. 09), room H428
Hallenweg 15
7522NH  Enschede
The Netherlands

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University of Twente
Centre for Educational Support
Citadel  H428
P.O. Box 217
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