ir. K.D. Berends (Koen)

PhD Candidate

About Me

Koen Berends is a researcher passionate about making better use of computer models to understand the physical environment. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD at the University of Twente. He also works at the independent applied research institute Deltares and is programme secretary for the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR).

Koen holds an MSc, cum laude, in Civil Engineering. After graduation from the University of Twente, he started working at Deltares on innovative model software and modelling techniques. In 2015, he started pursing a PhD in model uncertainty. His project "Improving river management by estimating model uncertainty", is part of the large multi-disciplinary research program RiverCare. Here he develops a novel methodology to reduce the cost of quantifying uncertainty - especially for large scale interventions such as carried out in Room for the River. Throughout his career, Koen seeks (multi-disciplinary) partnerships and collaboration. This is reflected in his work for NCR and close collaboration with other (international) institutes such as IHE-Delft and KICT.



Surface Roughness


Augustijn, D. C. M., Linneman, R., Berends, K. D., & Lenssen, J. (2018). Optimizing mowing strategies for vegetated streams. 1-4. Abstract from 12th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics 2018, Tokyo, Japan.
Huismans, Y., Berends, K. D., Niesten, I., & Mosselman, E. (Eds.) (2018). The Future River: NCR Days 2018, Delft, February 8-9: Book of Abstracts. (NCR Publications; No. 42-2018). Enschede: Netherlands Centre for River Studies.
Penning, E., Noorlandt, R., Berends, K., Fraaije, R., & Van den Eertwegh, G. (2018). Nieuwe overwegingen voor maaibeheer met vlakdekkende informatie over vegetatie. H2O, 1-7.
Ji, U., Penning, E., Berends, K. D., Cho, M., & Ahn, M. (2017). Stream-scale experiment and numerical modelling for vegetated flows. 14-14. Abstract from 15th Annual Joint Seminar between Japan & Korea, Aomori, Japan.
Van den Eertwegh, G., Penning, E., Noorlandt, R. P., van der Werf, M., & Berends, K. D. (2017). Dotterproject: risicogestuurd maaibeheer door betere kennis van vegetatie. H2O.

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Course "River Dynamics" (2015 - now)

  • Hands-on workshops for Numerical modelling for shallow-water flows and river morphodynamics

Course "Morphology" (2015 - now)

  • Co-supervision (with ir. van Denderen) of student research project on sensitivity analysis of a bifurcation model

Course "Introduction to scientific programming with Python" (2016 - now)

  • Setting up of this new short course
  • Oral lectures

MSc Graduation projects

  • 2015: Dimitrios Zervakis (Delft Univ. of Techn.)
  • 2016: Luisa Dechichi
  • 2017: Ilia Awakimjan
  • 2018: Boyan Domhof

BSc Graduation projects

  • 2015: Jasper Bink
  • 2016: Martijn Kriebel, Wijnand IJzermans (Delft Univ. of Techn.)
  • 2017: Marc Frankena, Ralf Linneman


2015-2019 RiverCare research program. PhD candidate
2015-current Dotter Project. International applied research project for vegetation management in low-land streams

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University of Twente
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The Netherlands

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University of Twente
Faculty of Engineering Technology
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