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Dr. Ing. Lissy La Paix Puello, PhD graduated in 2012, lecturer, assistant professor, at the Centre for Transport Studies in the University of Twente. She is Doctor by the Civil Engineering faculty of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with Master of Science and Civil Engineering degree.

She has worked in several national and international research projects with base in Spain and the Netherlands. Her expertise covers discrete choice models, travel behaviour,  quantitative and qualitative methods applied to accessibility, spatial analysis and urban transport planning. She has collaborated in several project proposals across Europe. She was recently granted by University of Twente with incentive funds for talent woman. She has collaborated in Transport and Mobility Laboratory (TRANSP-Or) at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and DTU-Transport at Technical University of Denmark, and as consultant in Dominican Republic and Spain. As a lecturer at University of Twente, she has coordinated (2) master courses, supervised master thesis (15) and PhD (4) dissertations. She also worked as postdoctoral research at University of Twente on the project ‘Transit Oriented Development in Randstad South wing’. Previously, she was researcher at the Centre of Transport Research TRANSyT-UPM, where she worked in national and international research projects. Dr. Lissy La Paix has presented more than 35 conference papers in high standing conferences around the world. Lissy La Paix is expert on modelling travel behaviour. Her thesis titled “Modelling the impact of built environment, geographical scales and latent constructs on individual travel behaviour” was awarded cum laude by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


Public Transport
Public Transport
Travel Behavior
Low Income
The Netherlands
Urban Environment


Recent Articles
de Souza, F., La Paix Puello, L., Brussel, M., Orrico, R., & van Maarseveen, M. (2016). Modelling the potential for bicycle in access trips in two low income areas of Rio de Janeiro. Paper presented at 14th World Conference on Transport Research, WCTR 2016, Shanghai, China.
La Paix Puello, L. C., & Geurs, K. T. (2016). Train station access and train use: a joint stated and revealed preference choice modelling study. In K. T. Geurs, R. Patuelli, & T. Dentinho (Eds.), Accessibility, equity and efficiency. Challenges for transport and public services (pp. 144-166). (Nectar Series on Transportation and Communications Network Research). Northampton, USA: Edward Elgar. DOI: 10.4337/9781784717896.00017
La Paix Puello, L. C., Geurs, K. T., & van Weperen, S. (2015). Scenarios for measuring station-based impedances in a national transport model. In Proceedings of the 55th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Lisbon, 25-29 August 2015 (pp. 1-19). Lisbon, Portugal: European Regional Science Association (ERSA).
La Paix Puello, L. C., & Geurs, K. T. (2014). Adaptive stated choice experiment for access and egress mode choice to train stations. In Proceedings of the WSTLUR, 24-27-June 2014 Delft (pp. -). Delft, the Netherlands.

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