dr. L. Capuano (Luigi)

About Me

I am a postdoctoral researcher under prof. dr. Sarthak Misra at the Surgical Robotics Lab.

Born and raised in Italy, I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rome La Sapienza. After my Master’s degree, I joined University of Twente as a PhD Student, in the European Horizon 2020/Marie Curie project Laser4Fun (https://www.laser4fun.eu/). Throughout my PhD time, I developed a novel method of processing sapphire using laser irradiation and selective chemical etching. I received my doctoral degree in December 2020, defending the thesis “Laser micro/nanoprocessing and subsequent chemical etching of sapphire for surface and bulk functionalization”.

Between 2020 and 2021, I got the chance to join, as a postdoctoral researcher, a short project at XUV Optics group of the University of Twente. Here I developed and implemented X-ray nanofocusing micro- and nanolenses to be used at the DESY particle accelerator (Hamburg).

My current research at the Surgical Robotics lab focuses on novel methods of imaging and tracking of microrobots inside human tissue by means of light.


Physics & Astronomy
Ultrashort Pulsed Lasers
Engineering & Materials Science
High Speed Steel


Römer, G. R. B. E. , & Capuano, L. (2021). Ultra‐short pulsed laser processing of sapphire. In Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Electronic Materials (2021 IUMRS-ICEM) and the XIX Brazilian Materials Research Society Meeting (XIX B-MRS) [4DZM]
Capuano, L., de Zeeuw, D. , & Römer, G. R. B. E. (2018). Towards a numerical model of picosecond laser-material interaction in bulk sapphire. Paper presented at 19th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication 2018, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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University of Twente
Drienerlolaan 5
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The Netherlands

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University of Twente
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