L.F. De Sousa MSc (Liniker)

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Bachelor degree in Chemistry (2012) and Master's degree in Chemical Engineering (2014), both held in Brazil. I have also worked in Halliburton Technology center (2014-2017) as R&D Scientist. 


The main topic I am working on is converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into valuable compounds (fuels or chemicals) using electrochemistry. In this sense, the plan is using the carbon dioxide produced by industries, water (from sea - need pre-treatment) and green energy (wind or sun) to drive the chemical reactions using an electrocatalyst. The aim is to evaluate some catalyst properties to improve the amount of carbon monoxide - CO (used in steel industry) produced.


Besides the daily activities on research for carbon dioxide conversion, I have been conducting supervision of students at Bachelor and Master's level. I have also worked in personal development skills, participating of courses, giving presentations and sharing experiences.

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The main goal of the project I am working in is to evaluate the use of gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) as electrocatalysts for carbon dioxide conversion. The aim is to investigate copper (Cu)-based GDEs made by modified inks (which are composed by catalyst, solvent and polymer) in order to correlate the reactional performance to its physico-chemical properties. At the end, a comparison of performance will be done with copper hollow fibers for the production of carbon monoxide (CO).

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University of Twente
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The Netherlands

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University of Twente
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