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Laura Verbrugge is a postdoctoral researcher in the Water Engineering and Management group at the Faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente. She completed her PhD at the Institute for Science in Society and the Department of Environmental Sciences, Radboud University. Her PhD thesis titled ‘Going global: perceiving, assessing and managing biological invasions’ was published in 2014 and awarded the Frye Stipendium, a scholarship to encourage female PhD students to continue their academic careers upon completion of their theses.

During her PhD, she participated in a several projects on risk assessment and risk prevention of biological invasions and (co)authored several reports commissioned by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). She was responsible for coordinating expert workshops for horizon scanning and pre-screening of pathways and environmental risks of potential invasive species to prepare the Dutch government for new European legislation. As part of her activities for the Netherlands Centre of Expertise for Exotic Species (NEC-E) she was also involved in the development of interactive learning tools and teaching materials about invasive species (in Dutch).

After completing her doctoral education, she became a postdoctoral fellow at the Radboud University as part of the RiverCare research program funded by TTW-NWO. Currently she is continuing this position at the University of Twente.


Research interests:

  • Human-nature relationships occurring in the face of environmental change
  • Risk assessment, management and public perceptions of invasive non-native species
  • Relationships between place-based values and public perception of river management
  • Citizen science / local stakeholder involvement in monitoring and evaluation

Central topics in her current research project include:

  • Public perceptions of river landscapes and people’s preferences for management
  • Stakeholder collaborations and civic engagement in monitoring and evaluating innovative (engineering) river interventions

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RiverCare is a research program in which five universities and  several public and private parties collaborate to monitor the consequences of measures which are now constructed in the Room for the River programme and the Delta Programme. The monitoring data will be used to improve the fundamental understanding of the behaviour of rivers, map the consequences of the measures for hydraulics, morphology and ecology and to improve the current models. The data, knowledge and models will be used to improve the design and maintenance of measures and cut costs of river management.

The aim of sub project F is to identify barriers and opportunities for stakeholder participation in monitoring the effects of river interventions.

More information: http://www.rivercare.nl/ 

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