M.C. Velsink MSc (Matthijs)


Multimode Fibers
Imaging Techniques
Secure Communication


Lyu, Z. , Velsink, M. C. , Pinkse, P. W. H., & Amitonova, L. V. (2021). Superiority of a Square-core Multimode Fiber for Imaging and Spectroscopy. Paper presented at CLEO/EUROPE-EQEC 2021, .
Velsink, M. C., Amitonova, L. V. , & Pinkse, P. W. H. (2020). Imaging applications of time-domain wavefront shaping. In Laser Science: part of Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science APS/DLS [FW5F.3] (Optics InfoBase Conference Papers). The Optical Society. https://doi.org/10.1364/FIO.2020.FW5F.3
Velsink, M. C. , & Pinkse, P. W. H. (2020). Time-domain wavefront shaping for secure communication. Poster session presented at Physics@Veldhoven 2020, veldhoven, Netherlands.
Velsink, M. C., van der Hoeven, L. , & Pinkse, P. W. H. (2019). Temporal wavefront shaping for security applications. Poster session presented at 43rd Annual Meeting NNV AMO 2019, Lunteren, Netherlands.
van der Meer, R. , Velsink, M. C. , Toebes, C., Venderbosch, P. , Renema, J. J. , & Pinkse, P. W. H. (2019). Photonic quantum technologies. Poster session presented at MESA+ Meeting 2019, Enschede, Netherlands.
Marakis, E. , Velsink, M. C. , Corbijn Van Willenswaard, L. J. , Uppu, R. , & Pinkse, P. W. H. (2019). Uniform line fillings. Physical Review E, 99(4), 043309. [043309]. https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevE.99.043309
Marakis, E. , Uppu, R. , Pinkse, P. W. H. , & Velsink, M. C. (2017). Uniform Line Filling of Space: Bertrand’s Paradox Revisited. Poster session presented at 41st Annual Meeting NNV AMO Lunteren 2017, Lunteren, Netherlands.

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