M.C. Vidya MSc (Citra)

PhD Candidate

About Me

PhD candidate focusing on optimization and computer simulation. Working under the research project of Bosch Thermotechnology, I aim to develop an automatic optimization tool to improve the heat transfer and pressure drop of a heat exchanger using a commercial CFD software.

2014-present: PhD candidate in Thermal Engineering
2012-2014: MSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Twente, Netherlands
Thesis: "Oscillatory Flow in Jet Pumps: Setup Design and Experiments"
2007-2012: BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Thesis: "Study of Overall Thermal Transfer Value for Green Building Application on a High Rise Building in Jakarta"
Additional activities: supervising master students, teaching the Energy and Heat Transfer course for bachelor students.


Direct Numerical Simulation
Heat Transfer
Circular Cylinders
Nusselt Number
Reynolds Number
Flow Simulation
Laminar Flow


Vidya, M. C., Beishuizen, N. A., & van der Meer, T. H. (2016). Direct numerical simulations of flow and heat transfer over a circular cylinder at Re = 2000. In 7th European Thermal-Sciences Conference (Eurotherm2016): 19–23 June 2016, Krakow, Poland (Journal of Physics: Conference Series; Vol. 745). Bristol, UK: IOP Science. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/745/3/032018
Vidya, M. C., Oosterhuis, J., & van der Meer, T. H. (2015). A traveling wave termination for a thermoacoustic setup. In T. H. van der Meer, P. Blanc-Benon, C. M. de Blok, & J. P. Oosterhuis (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Thermoacoustics (pp. 98-99). Enschede: Universiteit Twente. DOI: 10.3990/2.285

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