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Dr. M.G. (Marloes) Postel (1977) is Assistant Professor at the department of Psychology, Health and Technology (PGT). She also works as a senior researcher at Tactus Addiction Treatment at the department Research & Development. She graduated on 18 October 2011 at the Radboud University of Nijmegen on the thesis 'Well Connected. Web-based Treatment for Problem Drinkers'. Her expertise is in the area of online interventions and the use of new technologies within mental health care.


  • Assistant Professor at the UT
  • Senior researcher at Tactus Addiction Treatment


Feeding And Eating Disorders
Smoking Cessation
Randomized Controlled Trials
Alcohol Drinking
Withholding Treatment
Cognitive Therapy


Siemer, L., Brusse-keizer, M. G., Postel, M. G., Ben Allouch, S., Patrinopoulos Bougioukas, A., Sanderman, R., & Pieterse, M. E. (2018). Blended Smoking Cessation Treatment: Exploring Measurement, Levels, and Predictors of Adherence. Journal of medical internet research, 20(8), e246. DOI: 10.2196/jmir.9969
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Other Contributions


  • Postel, M.G., Ter Huurne, E.D., de Haan, H.A., van der Palen, J., de Jong, C.A. (2015). A 9-month follow-up of a 3-month web-based alcohol treatment program using intensive asynchronous therapeutic support. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 41(4), 309-316.
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  • Postel, M.G., de Jong, C.A.J., & de Haan, H.A. (2005). Does e-therapy for problem drinking reach hidden populations? The American Journal of Psychiatry, 162(12), 2393.

UT Research Information System


  • Mental Health (B2 psychology)
  • eMental Health (Master Psychology, Health & Technology)
  • Bachelor en Master Theses Supervision

Affiliated Study Programmes





Research projects

  • The effectiveness of CBM Avoid Alcohol training, as an adjunct to cognitive behavioral treatment (TAU), in reducing alcohol abuse in an outpatient treatment setting;
  • Development and evaluation of a CBM Avoid Alcohol Training app (Breindebaas);
  • Blended care (combining face-fo-face and web-based treatment) for smoking cessation: (cost)effectiveness and patient satisfaction;
  • Development and evaluation of a smoking cessation app (Stopmaatje);
  • Real-time telemonitoring of physiological processes and self-reported craving to reduce relapse rates in alcohol addiction;
  • Evaluation of web-based treatments for patients with addiction (alcohol, eating disorders, smoking).

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