ir. M.J.W. Blom (Martijn)

PhD Candidate

About Me

In 2011 I started as a student, at the University of Twente, in Chemical Engineering and graduated for my masters in Chemical & Process engineering in 2017. Since early 2018 I'm working as a PhD candidate in the Sustainable Process Engineering group (SPT) of prof. Sascha Kersten and the Photocatalytic Synthesis group (PCS) of prof. Guido Mul. My focus is on the long-term storage of electricity within the chemical bonds of formate-ions.


The increasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources into the world electricity supply mix, results in increasing electricity supply and price fluctuations, destabilising the electrical grid. My work addresses those fluctuations by pioneering work towards an electrochemical energy storage system, based on the HCO3- - HCOO- redox couple. The novel method combines existing ideas on CO2/HCO3- reduction and hydrogen storage by reversible HCO3- hydrogenation; resulting in an electrochemical closed-carbon cycle storage system.

The development of the system will be performed via a process engineering approach; aiming at high overall conversion and efficiency. The mostly catalysis-oriented literature will be extended towards a pilot scale process. Accordingly, the methods and knowhow of the Sustainable Process Technology group (SPT) are strengthened by the expertise of the Photocatalytic Synthesis group (PCS) on (electro-)chemistry and electrochemical CO2 reduction. The goal oriented design strategy works towards a functioning, bench-scale pilot plant that allows for evaluation of energetic and economic performance. From there, key areas for further development can be identified, providing a focus for further research and development.

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As a tutor I make a contribution to the Project Chemical Technology (BSc. chemical engineering) thought by Dr. Louis van der Ham and the Sustainable Industrial Chemistry project, thought by Dr. Boelo Schuur.

Within my PhD research I've supervised students and have plenty more opportunaties for new BSc. or MSc. assignments!

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University of Twente
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Horst Complex (building no. 20), room ME240
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University of Twente
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