dr.ir. M. Pezij MSc (Michiel)



Earth & Environmental Sciences
Data Assimilation
In Situ Measurement
Remote Sensing
Soil Moisture
Vadose Zone
Water Management
Water Resources Management



The OWAS1S-project stands for integration of the freely available Sentinel-1 satellite data and local knowledge on physical processes in the soil for optimizing water management of regional water systems by providing spatial high-resolution information. The research accommodates three PhD-projects. While the first two projects are looking at the exploitation of the freely-available Sentinel-1 imagery and the translation of surface soil moisture data to the value-added products, this PhD-project will focus on the optimization of operational and strategic water management using the spatiotemporal information.

  • 01-10-2015 PhD-candidate, University of Twente. Optimizing operational water management with Sentinel-1 satellites
  • 2013-2015 MSc. Civil Engineering (Water Engineering and Management), University of Twente
  • 2010-2013 BSc. Civil Engineering, University of Twente
  • MSc thesis Understanding the morphological development of the Oesterdam nourishment
  • BSc thesis Examing the geomorphic effects of the Canterbury earthquakes on the Hororata River.


Carranza, C., Nolet, C. , Pezij, M., & van der Ploeg, M. (2021). Root zone soil moisture estimation with Random Forest. Journal of hydrology, 593, [125840]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.125840
Pezij, M. (2020). Toepassing bodemvochtgegevens voor waterbeheer. Civiele techniek, 2020(7), 20-23.
Pezij, M. , Augustijn, D., Hendriks, D. , & Hulscher, S. (2018). Application of Sentinel-1 soil moisture information for improving groundwater simulations. Abstract from EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria.

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