A. Ghezelsoflu (Ali)

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Ali Ghezelsoflu is a postdoctoral researcher within the Department of Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems at the University of Twente (Enschede). He is working on a project "entitled Reinforcement Learning platform for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (ReAL)". He holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics(2009) and hi did his master’s degree in Operations Research (2012) at the K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. He did his Ph.D. at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Cagliari (UNICA), Italy (2018). His Ph.D. was on the Vehicle Routing Problems; their different models, algorithms, and solution methods. After finishing his Ph.D., Ali remained one year more as a Postdoc researcher at UNICA to complete his studies on the VRPs. From the beginning of 2019, he has been started his postdoc at the University of Pisa (UNIPI), Department of Informatics, where he researched Energy Optimizations under the European horizon 2020 project entitled as Plan4Res. During the three years of Postdoc at UNIPI, he has been working as a developer on the SMS++ which is a set of C++ classes intended to provide a system for modeling complex, block-structured mathematical models for Energy Systems, and solving them via sophisticated, structure exploiting algorithms such as decomposition approaches and structured Interior-Point methods. His research interests also contain Energy Optimization, Network Optimizations, Linear and Non-Linear Programming, Mixed Integer Programming, Stochastic Programming, Robust Optimization, Transportation and Logistics Management, Vehicle Routing Problems(VRPs), Exact and Heuristic approaches for IP Models, Decomposition methods for IP Models.

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Reinforcement Learning platform for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 

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University of Twente
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