dr. N.S. Erkama (Niina)


Business & Economics
Multinational Organizations
Organizational Discourse
Organizational Restructuring
Social Sciences
International Organization
Engineering & Materials Science
Energy Efficiency


Erkama, N., & ter Beek, P. (2021). Communicating changing environmental values for organizational members. Paper presented at The 15th ESA conference 2021, Barcelona.
Erkama, N., & Bakhuis, J. (2021). Communication strategies in stakeholder networks as a source of resilience for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Paper presented at 37th EGOS Colloquium 2021 .
Erkama, N. (2021). A communication perspective on managing resilience in SMES. Paper presented at 28th IPDMC Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, IPDMC 2021, Milan, Italy.
Erkama, N., & Joanne Bakhuis (2020). The role of stakeholder communication in constitution of resilience in SMEs. Paper presented at RENT XXXIV Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business 2020.
Other Contributions
Erkama, N. & Vaara, E.  2010. Struggles over legitimacy in global organizational restructuring: A rhetorical perspective on legitimation strategies and dynamics in a shutdown case. Organization Studies 2010, 31, p. 813

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