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Dr. Eugen Octav Popa is an argumentation scholar who works in the field of STS (science and technology studies) and RRI (responsible research and innovation). He obtained his PhD in 2016 with a thesis on argumentative interactions in science and published papers on the reasonableness of argumentative interactions, discussion structures for reconstructing scientific debates, friction between stakeholders in innovation projects, technological conflict. He has been involved as a postdoctoral researcher in several Horizon 2020 such as RRI Tools, RiConfigure, and RRIstart. He has also worked with the Dutch Health Council in studying the interaction between scientists and policy makers in cases of public controversy. He currently works as postdoctoral researcher on a project on responsible innovation paths for ultrathin nanomembranes within the Science, Technology and Policy Studies (STEPS) at University of Twente. His work has been published in Informal Logic, Science and Public Policy, Public Understanding of Science, Philosophy and Technology, Life Sciences Society and Policy, and Journal of Pragmatics. He is the winner of the 2016 J. A. Blair prize for the study of argumentation and 2020 prize for the best academic paper (main author together with Vincent Blok and Renate Wesselink) at the ETHAC Conference of the European Triple Helix Association.


Arts & Humanities
Public Deliberation
Visual Argument
Social Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences


Popa, E. O., & Blok, V. (2022). Conspiracism as a Litmus Test for Responsible Innovation. In Values for a Post-Pandemic Future (pp. 111-128). (Philosophy of Engineering and Technology; Vol. 40). Springer Nature. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-08424-9_6
Popa, E. O., Hilten, M. V., Oosterkamp, E., & Bogaardt, M-J. (2021). The use of digital twins in healthcare: socio-ethical benefits and socio-ethical risks. Life sciences, society and policy, 17, Article 6. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40504-021-00113-x
Popa, E. O., Blok, V., & Wesselink, R. (2020). Discussion structures as tools for public deliberation. Public understanding of science, 29(1), 76-93. https://doi.org/10.1177/0963662519880675
Popa, O-E., Blok, V., & Wesselink, R. (2020). A processual approach to friction in quadruple helix collaborations. Science and public policy, 47(6), 876-889. https://doi.org/10.1093/scipol/scaa054

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