dr. P.A.M. Meulenbeek (Peter)

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About Me

Dr. Peter Meulenbeek, Ph.D.

I am a psychologist and work as a researcher as well as a lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Health and Technology at the University of Twente (Master Positive Psychology and Technology), and as a general health psychologist at GGNet (a community mental health center), in the Netherlands. The title of my PhD-thesis was ‘Prevention and early intervention in panic disorder’. My special interest is on developing and doing research on interventions for people with panic complaints, mobile mental health and well-being therapy.


Randomized Controlled Trials
Mental Health
Public Health
Panic Disorder
Delivery Of Health Care
Acceptance And Commitment Therapy
Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders
Clinical Psychology
Personality Disorders
Cognitive Therapy
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders
Patient Dropouts


Recent Articles
Bohlmeijer, E., Christenhusz, L., Hüning, L., & Meulenbeek, P. (2017). Welbevindentherapie: Achtergrond, doelstelling en protocol. Dth : kwartaaltijdschrift voor directieve therapie en hypnose, 37(2).
Meulenbeek, P. A. M. (2017). Well-Being Therapy in Dutch mental health care. Abstract from Conference of the International Federation for Psychotherapy 2017, Marrakech, Morocco.
Janssen-Visser, L., & Meulenbeek, P. A. M. (2017). Hechtingsstijlen bij complexe PTSS: Een exploratieve studie. Tijdschrift voor psychotherapie 43 4 (pp. 238-254).DOI: 10.1007/s12485-017-0198-4
Lamers, S. M. A., Vazquez, C., Meulenbeek, P., & Bohlmeijer, E. T. (2015). Positive Clinical Psychology: Underpinning, Intervention and Process. 100-102. Abstract from 4th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2015, Lake Buena Vista, United States.
Meulenbeek, P. A. M. (2015). Effectiveness of an early intervention for panic symptoms: Results from a randomized controlled trial. -. Poster session presented at 23rd World Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine, Glascow, .

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University of Twente
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