ir. P.D. Cheyyar Nageswaran (Priya)

Professional Doctorate in Engineering


PDEng Design Project: Developing guided operational strategies for asphalt compaction

The asphalt construction industry is one perceived to be based on tradition and custom where work methods are largely based on implicit knowledge and experience. The ASPARi research has shown that traditional working methods lead to extensive variability in the asphalt construction process.

To support roller operators in achieving a more consistent, method-based asphalt compaction process, there is a need to develop guided operational strategies for the compaction process. This entails matching, testing and validating compaction strategies on site and in the laboratory, for specific asphalt mixtures under specific conditions. The mission of this design project is to develop guided compaction strategies that will support roller operators achieve a more consistent compaction product. The overall purpose is to develop operational strategies for achieving specified end-quality parameters (for specific asphalt mixes and circumstances).


Other Contributions

Master Thesis: Adhesion of aggregate binder systems https://repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/object/uuid:7e5631b8-4468-4f11-a9e6-f585209d94ad/?collection=research


Dr. S.B. Singh, Dr. Madappa V. R. Sivasubramanian, Priya Darshini Cheyyar Nageswaran and Tryphena Edward, Behaviour of Reinforced DFRCC Structural Elements under Flexural Loading, Proc. of UKIERI CONCRETE CONGRESS: Innovations in Concrete Construction, March 2013

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