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Prasanna Padmanaban is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Vascularization Lab under the supervision of Jeroen Rouwkema in the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Twente.

His expertise and interests are tissue engineering, microfluidics, in silico and ex ovo models, artificial intelligence, mechanobiology and the role that these fields play in vascularizing the engineered tissue constructs.

Apart from that, I appreciate and participate in public speaking and science communication events (like FameLab, Science Cafe) to promote science to the general audience and being creative when it comes to cooking, drawing and making crafts from recycled items. 


Agriculture & Biology
Blood Vessels
Chick Embryos
Chorioallantoic Membrane
Egg Shell
Engineering & Materials Science
Flow Of Fluids
Intercellular Signaling Peptides And Proteins
Tissue Engineering


Prasanna focuses on three main topics for his Ph.D.

1. Understanding the vascular development processes in the developing chicken embryo using imaging methods and ex ovo models

2. Tuning the local mechanical and chemical micro-environment of developing chicken embryo in order to study the effect of the mechanical and chemical signals that control the development and organization of vascular networks 

3. Predicting the evolution of vascular network types using computational models and Artificial Intelligence (AI), when different mechanical and chemical signals are applied 



  • Prof. Wiendelt Steenbergen, Biomedical Photonic Imaging (BMPI), University of Twente
  • Prof. Roeland Merks, Multiscale Mathematical Biology, Leiden University
  • Dr. Eva Deinum, Mathematical and Statistical Methods- Biometris, Wageningen University & Research 
  • Dr. Pallav Kant, Physics of Fluids (POF), University of Twente
  • Dr. Liliana S. Moreira Teixeira, Developmental Bioengineering Department, University of Twente




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Prasanna received his Bachelor Engineering degree (2011) from Anna University, India with specialization in Biotechnology. He worked on quantification of Ibuprofen in human plasma by HPLC method for his bachelor thesis at Biocon, Bengaluru. In parallel with his bachelor studies, he also obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Nanobiotechnology from LSFI, India. In 2012, he worked as a Sales Engineer Trainee dealing with Pre-sales activities of liquid handling consumables at Thermofisher Scientific Bengaluru, India. Later in 2013, he started working as a MEMS Design Engineer at Society for Integrated Circuit Technology and Applied Research (SITAR) India, where he has developed Lab-on-chip devices for medical applications.

In 2014, he started the Elite Master Course in Advanced Materials and Processes at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. During his master studies (2015-2016) he worked on nanoelectrodes fabrication and microfluidic integration of photonic crystal fibers for biosensing and particle guidance applications under the supervision of Prof. Philip Russell at Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen. Later in 2016, he received an Erasmus traineeship aboard scholarship for which he worked at UCB Belgium. At UCB, he worked on optimization of cell culture and bioreactor systems for monoclonal antibody production. Also, he received an Focused Recognition Award for enabling his team to make data-driven decision on the cell line assessment study. In 2017, he worked on spatial fractionation of RNA in an inhomogeneous temperature gradient, related to the origin of life experiments under the supervision of Dr. Moritz Kreysing at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) Dresden. 


National Finals, FameLab 2019  https://vimeo.com/354613929

UT heat, FameLab 2019  https://vimeo.com/323109325 



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