R. Cruz Martinez (Roberto)

Information Specialist Faculty BMS | UT Specialist Open Access

About Me

Hello! I work as an information specialist for the faculty of BMS, and also as specialist Open Access UT-wide. Below I describe my roles in more detail:

Information specialist

Together with my colleague Marit van Eck, we are contact points for questions or support needs regarding scientific information. For example, we can help with:

  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Writing of scientific articles
  • Publishing Open Access
  • Accessing and evaluating (scientific) information

Open access

I work on the implementation and evaluation of the UT Open Access policy. Contributing to various projects and tasks needed to realise the university's goal of reaching 100% open access. If you wish to know more about how we strive to do this, please visit www.utwente.nl/openaccess. Of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (open-access@utwente.nl).

University Council

Since September 2022 I am an elected member of the University Council, in the staff section and as a member of Campus Coalition. I mostly focus on the following themes: recognition & rewards, health and well-being, inclusion, internationalisation, and matters related to early-career academics (doctoral candidates, assistant and associate professors).


Professionally, I have a background in psychology with two specialisations. One in the area of sports and exercise psychology (mental performance) and another in the multidisciplinary area of eHealth (supporting health and wellbeing through technology). I successfully defended my PhD dissertation in September 15, 2023, titled: "Supporting self-care with eHealth: Advancing theory-based research and development of interventions to support patients with a cardiovascular disease."

Personally, I have an overarching interest in how individuals can learn to self-regulate their own behaviour. I believe self-management is the best medicine and that skills such as goal-setting are a fine art that can guide and regulate our pursuit of success, happiness, and self-realisation.


For my PhD I was granted a scholarship from the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT, in Spanish) to carry out my research at the University of Twente, from 2017 to 2021. The research topic is about eHealth technologies aiming to support the self-management behaviours of patients with chronic diseases. My promotors are prof. dr. Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen and prof. dr. Robbert Sanderman. Our approach is focused on learning from the existing body of knowledge (frameworks, models, and theories) to facilitate the development and implementation of effective eHealth interventions across different populations and cultural contexts.


Dominguez-Rodriguez, A., Villarreal-Zegarra, D., Malaquias-Obregon, S., Herdoiza-Arroyo, P. E., González-Cantero, J. O., Chávez-Valdez, S. M. , & Cruz-Martínez, R. R. (2023). Measurement scales of mental health related to climate change: a scoping review protocol using artificial intelligence. BMJ open, 13, e071073. Article e071073. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2022-071073


Please contact me if you wish to know more about my educational activities, or if you have any questions or educational needs related to the topic of 'information literacy'.

Courses Academic Year  2023/2024

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Courses Academic Year  2022/2023

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