R. Yukananto MSc (Riza)

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I am a PhD candidate with a research that focuses on design and modelling of a supercritical water reformer for wet biomass gasification, which started in 2014. I obtained my Mechanical Engineering BSc degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, in 2010. I then spent a year working as a mechanical engineer for the design and analysis of piping and Pipeline system.

Afterward, I came to the Netherlands and completed my master degree in Sustainable Energy Technology at University of Twente in 2013. My graduation project was on the numerical study of bioliquids combustion in a gas turbine.


Direct Injection


I am conducting a research on the supercritical aqueous reforming, is also often referred to as supercritical water gasification (SCWG), of wet biomass. SCWG is a thermochemical conversion process of biomass that uses supercritical water as its reaction medium. This leads to the absence of drying requirement that is highly energy-intensive, which otherwise exists in normal gasification system. Some examples of wet biomass are sewage sludge and cow manure.

My research focuses on developing a Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model that can be used to simulate and analyze the gasification behaviour. 


Louwes, A. C., Yukananto, R., Bramer, E. A., & Brem, G. (2016). Torrefied material: an attractive feed for flash pyrolysis? In Proceeding 24th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (pp. 1238-1242). Amsterdam: ETA Florence Renewable Energies. DOI: 10.5071/24thEUBCE2016-3DV.2.1

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University of Twente
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