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Susanne obtained her master’s degree in Communication Science with specialization on marketing and a second master’s degree in Psychology with specialization on human factors and media psychology at the University of Twente. Before working as a tutor at the University of Twente, Susanne has worked several years at a correspondence office in Milan (Italy). Further, she was working as an editor-in-chief for a corporate publishing magazine in Munich (Germany).

From 2013 on, Susanne has been working as a lecturer at the department of Communication Science, CS-CMC. On September 2015, she started with her PhD-project (SERIOUS project). The project is a collaboration between the EWI faculty, Services, Cyber Security and the BMS faculty, CS-CMC.


Decision Making
Ceremonial Behavior
Risk Assessment
Data Privacy
Mobile Computing


The SERIOUS project aims to research the security and privacy requirements of serious apps. A serious application is used for serious business, such as tele-treatment or local government issues. Recent research has shown that end-users encounter difficulties in managing their security and privacy risks.

The aim of this project is to support and empower end-users in managing security and privacy risks of serious apps by means of a software. Currently, several frameworks exist that evaluate and solve security and privacy risks of (malicious) applications. However, these frameworks only solve a limited amount of risks and most do not aid the user in making well-informed security decisions.

The framework that we will develop during this project will emerge from consumers' needs and preferences and has to match with obligations, law and legislation from the government and the requirements from for instance the healthcare sector.

The project therefore consists of two main parts:

  • Mapping the needs and requirements of users in managing privacy and security risks of mobile applications.
  • Developing a framework that can identify threats to security and privacy and deal with these threats, while at the same time helping users make well-informed security decisions.

This project is funded by NWO in the context of cyber security research (grant number: 628.001.011). 


Other Contributions

De Jong, M. D. T., Harkink, K. M., & Barth, S. (2017). Making green stuff? Effects of corporate greenwashing on consumers. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 1-36.

Barth, S., & de Jong, M. D. T. (2017). The privacy paradox – A systematic literature review. Presented at the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, 2017, Tilburg.

Barth, S. (2017). The privacy paradox - theoretical and practical implications. Presented at The International Internet of Things Day, 2017, Rotterdam.

Carvajal Gallardo, I., & Barth, S. (2015). Security requirements for serious apps. Pitch. Presented at the NCSRA symposium NWO, 2015, Den Haag.

Jansen, M. G. M., Jansma, S. R., Barth, S., & de Jong, M. D. T. (2015). Push or match? Een vergelijking van informatiebehoefte van burgers en aangeboden informatie van partijen en media. Presented at Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, 2015, Antwerp.

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May 16, 2017, Computer Idee 2017-11 Uitsmijter Susanne Barth - Een kijkwijzer voor apps

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