dr. S.J. Zwart (Sander)

Assistant Professor


Remote Sensing


Recent Articles
Duku, C., Zwart, S. J., van Bussel, L. G. J., & Hein, L. (2018). Quantifying trade-offs between future yield levels, food availability and forest and woodland conservation in Benin. Science of the total environment, 610-611, 1581-1589. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.06.115
Zwart, S. J., Busetto, L., Diagne, M., Boschetti, M., & Nelson, A. D. (2017). Mapping Changes in Area and the Cropping Season of Irrigated Rice in Senegal and Mauritania between 2003 and 2016 Using the PhenoRice Algorithm and MODIS Imagery. Poster session presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2017, New Orleans, United States.
van Oort, P. A. J., Zwart, S. J., & Saito, K. (2017). The potential impacts of climate change on rice yields in Africa and options for adaptation : poster. Poster session presented at 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security, Cape Town, South Africa.
Dembélé, M., Schaefli, B., Mariéthoz, G., Ceperley, N., & Zwart, S. J. (2017). Water Accounting Plus for sustainable water management in the Volta river basin, West Africa. Abstract from EGU General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria.
Rodenburg, J., Demont, M., Zwart, S. J., & Bastiaans, L. (2017). Food security under attack: Africa's struggle against parasitic weeds. Rice Today, 16(1), 22-23.
Zwart, S. J., van Oort, P. A. J., & Dembélé, M. (2017). Future Rice Climates of Africa. Rice Today, 16(2), 22.
Dossou-Yovo, E. R., Baggie, I., Djagba, J. F., & Zwart, S. J. (2017). Diversity of inland valleys and opportunities for agricultural development in Sierra Leone. PLoS ONE, 12(6), [e0180059]. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0180059

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