S.M.A. Hosseini MSc (Seyed)

PhD Candidate

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My Ph.D. project is entitled "Global simulation model of Laser-assisted tape winding (LATW) process". This project is a part of EU funded Horizon 2020 project named “ambliFibre”.

An integral global process model will be developed for virtual processing, including not only the kinematics of the process but also the optical and thermal phenomena. This information can be used to determine the processability and process settings up front, preventing time and material intensive prototyping on a trial-and-error base.

My role in this project is to develop a global 3D process model for offline process optimization purposes. Also, determining material parameters (optical, rheological, thermal, …) required for process modeling.


Composite Materials
Thermal Stress
Residual Stresses


Computational Mechanics,

Manufacturing Process modelling,

Heat transfer modelling,

Micromechanical modelling of composites,

Finite Element Methods,

Damage and Failure Analysis of Materials,

Experimental Methods in Materials


Hosseini, S. M. A., Baran, I., & Akkerman, R. (2018). An experimental investigation on the thermal field of overlapping layers in laser-assisted tape winding process. In Proceedings of the 21st International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, ESAFORM 2018 (Vol. 1960). [020011] DOI: 10.1063/1.5034812
Hosseini, S. M. A., Baran, I., & Akkerman, R. (2017). Thermal modeling strategies for laser assisted tape winding process. Paper presented at 21st International Conference on Composite Materials 2017, Xi'an, China.
Aghdam, M. M., Morsali, S. R., Hosseini, S. M. A., & Sadighi, M. (2017). Mechanical behavior of unidirectional SiC/Ti composites subjected to off-axis loading at elevated temperatures. Materials science & engineering A, 688, 244-249. DOI: 10.1016/j.msea.2017.01.108

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