dr. J.S. Oleszkiewicz (Simon)

Assistant Professor

About Me

I received my Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) in 2016. I have been a member of the Gothenburg based Criminal Legal & Investigative Psychology (CLIP) group since 2010, and joined the Applied Cognition Laboratory at Iowa State University in 2016. I am now a member of the research group Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety at the University of Twente.


My research involves experimental evaluations of the efficacy of interview techniques for intelligence gathering, with a focus on subtle elicitation tactics, trust-building strategies and undercover interviewing. My work places a premium on developing novel measures that captures important aspects of human intelligence gathering interactions. I am also involved in developing evidence-based training for police and military practitioners in the United States and Scandinavian countries.


Other Contributions

Meissner, C. A., Surmon-Böhr, F., Oleszkiewicz, S., & Alison, L. (2017). Developing an evidence-based perspective on interrogation: A review of the U.S. Government’s High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group research program. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law.


Oleszkiewicz, S., Granhag, P. A., & Kleinman, S. M. (2017). Eliciting information from human sources: Training handlers in the Scharff technique. Legal and Criminological Psychology.


Granhag, P. A., Kleinman, S. M., & Oleszkiewicz, S. (2016). The Scharff technique: On how to effectively elicit intelligence from human sources. International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence.


Oleszkiewicz, S., Granhag, P.A., & Cancino Montecinos, S. (2014). The Scharff-technique: Eliciting intelligence from human sources. Law and Human Behavior.


Granhag, P. A., Oleszkiewicz, S., Strömwall, L. A., & Kleinman, S. M. (2015). Eliciting intelligence with the Scharff technique: Interviewing more and less capable and cooperative sources. Psychology, Public Policy and Law.

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