S. Kumar (Saravana)


Engineering & Materials Science
Aging Of Materials
Atomic Force Microscopy
Crude Oil
Earth & Environmental Sciences


Kumar, S., Cats, P., Alotaibi, M. B., Ayirala, S. C., Yousef, A. A., van Roij, R. , Siretanu, I. , & Mugele, F. (2022). Absence of anomalous underscreening in highly concentrated aqueous electrolytes confined between smooth silica surfaces. Journal of colloid and interface science, 622, 819-827. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcis.2022.05.004
Rao, A. , Kumar, S. , Annink, C. , Le-Anh, D., Alotaibi, M. B., Ayirala, S. C. , Siretanu, I. , Duits, M. , Mugele, F., & Yousef, A. A. (2020). Artificial diagenesis of carbonates: Temperature dependent inorganic and organic modifications in reservoir mimetic fluids. In Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference 2020, IOR 2020 Society of Plastic Engineers. https://doi.org/10.2118/200331-MS
Rao, A. , Kumar, S. , Duits, M. , Annink, C. , Le, D. A. , Sîretanu, I. , Mugele, F., Ayirala, S., Alotaibi, M. B., & Yousef, A. A. (2019). Mineral Interfaces Matter: Mineral-Oil-Brine System for Addressing Wettability Alterations of Carbonate Reservoirs. Poster session presented at 7th CHemistry As INnovating Science Conference, CHAINS 2019, Veldhoven, Netherlands.
Kumar, S. , van den Ende, D. , Sîretanu, I. , & Mugele, F. (2019). Silica Vs Calcite – A DLVO story. Poster session presented at Dutch SPM Day 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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