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Sand Wave
Continental Shelf
Surface Wave
Sedimentation Rate
Spatial Variation


Recent Articles
van Dijk, T. A. G. P., & Lindenbergh, R. (2017). Methods for analysing bedform geometry and dynamics. In J. Guillen, J. Acosta, F. L. Chiocci, & A. Palannques (Eds.), Atlas of bedforms in the Western Mediterrranean (pp. 7-13). Springer International Publishing Switzerland. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-33940-5_2
van Landeghem, K. J. J. (Ed.), Damen, J. M., van Dijk, T. A. G. P., Garlan, T. (Ed.), Hulscher, S. J. M. H., & Baas, J. H. (Ed.) (2016). Spatial variations in sand waves superimposed on sand banks: an automated analysis method. 49-52. Abstract from Marid 5, Bangor, .
Damen, J. M., Vroom, J. (Ed.), van Dijk, T. A. G. P., van Maren, B. (Ed.), van der Spek, A. (Ed.), & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2016). Analysis of variation in sand waves superimposed on sand banks. 23-23. Abstract from NCK-days 2016, Ouddorp, Netherlands.
Gaida, T. C., Degraer, S. (Ed.), van Lancker, V. (Ed.), Koop, L., Snellen, M., Eggermont, H. (Ed.), ... Huybrechts, P. (Ed.) (2016). Classification of seabed sediments in the Cleaver Bank area using mulit-beam echo-sounders. 70-70. Paper presented at North Sea Open Science Conference (NSOSC2016), .
Ramaekers, G. (Ed.), Vermaas, T., Hijma, M., van Dijk, T. A. G. P., & Kinneging, N. (2015). Sedimentation rate, patterns and dredging effects in Rotterdam harbour access channel, the Maasgeul. 17-17. Abstract from NCK-days 2015, Schoorl, Netherlands.
Roos, P. C., Ab Razak, M. S. (Ed.), Verhagen, A. A., Sembiring, L. (Ed.), van Dijk, T. A. G. P., van der Wegen, M. (Ed.), ... Bijker, R. (2014). SMARTSEA: Safe navigation by optimizing sea bed monitoring and waterway maintenance using fundamental knowledge of sea bed dynamics. 60-60. Abstract from NCK-days 2014, Delft, Netherlands.
Rijsdijk, K. F., Kroon, I. C., Meyer, T., Passchier, S., van Dijk, T. A. G. P., Bunnink, F. P. M., & Janse, A. C. (2013). Reconstructing quaternary Rhine-Meuse dynamics in the sourthern North Sea: architecture, seismo-lithofacies associations and malacological biozonation. Journal of quaternary science, 28(5), 453-466. DOI: 10.1002/jqs.2627
van Lancker, V., Houziaux, J. S., Baeye, M., van den Eynde, D., Rabaut, M., Troost, K., ... van Dijk, T. A. G. P. (2013). Biogeomorphology in the field: bedforms and species, a mystic relationsip. In V. van Lancker, & T. Garlan (Eds.), MARID 2013, 4th International Conference on Marine and River Dune Dynamics. Bruges, Belgium. 15-17 April 2013 (pp. 277-284). (VLIZ Special publication 65). Oostende, Belgium: VLIZ.

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