dr. T.A.G.P. van Dijk (Thaiënne)


Sand Wave
Spatial Variation
Continental Shelf
Marine Isotope Stage


Recent Articles
van Dijk, T. A. G. P., & Lindenbergh, R. (2017). Methods for analysing bedform geometry and dynamics. In J. Guillen, J. Acosta, F. L. Chiocci, & A. Palannques (Eds.), Atlas of bedforms in the Western Mediterrranean (pp. 7-13). Springer International Publishing Switzerland. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-33940-5_2
Gaida, T. C., Koop, L., Snellen, M., Simons, D. G., & van Dijk, T. A. G. P. (2016). Classification of seabed sediments in the Cleaver Bank area using mulit-beam echo-sounders. 70-70. Abstract from North Sea Open Science Conference (NSOSC2016), .
Vermaas, T., Hijma, M., van Dijk, T. A. G. P., & Kinneging, N. (2015). Sedimentation rate, patterns and dredging effects in Rotterdam harbour access channel, the Maasgeul. 17-17. Abstract from NCK-days 2015, Schoorl, Netherlands.
Rijsdijk, K. F., Kroon, I. C., Meijer, T., Passchier, S., van Dijk, T. A. G. P., Bunnik, F. P. M., & Janse, A. C. (2014). Reconstructing Quaternary Rhine–Meuse dynamics in the southern North Sea: architecture, seismo-lithofacies associations and malacological biozonation. Abstract from QRA Annual Discussion Meeting 2014, London, United Kingdom.

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