T.A. Hendriks (Ron)

PhD Candidate


Title: Controlled fabrication of electrode/electrolyte nanocomposites through self-assembly for enhanced interfacial properties for lithium diffusion, for 3D solid-state batteries.

Currently, lithium-ion batteries are the most popular rechargeable batteries. However, most commercial rechargeable lithium-ion batteries deliver energy densities of only 10-15% of their theoretical values1,2. Limitations are the slow electrode process kinetics, low ionic diffusion and low electronic conductivity, especially at the electrode-electrolyte interfaces. Gaining control over the interface is a grand challenge and is believed to be even more important than designing new electrode and electrolyte materials3.

Figure 1. Ragone Plot of Solid-State Battery designs, 2D planar and 3D nanocomposite

This research is to realize self-assembled 3D solid-state batteries with improved energy densities through controlled electrode-electrolyte interface engineering. Enhanced interfacial properties for lithium diffusion can be achieved through studying and exploiting the nano-architecting of 3D electrode-electrolyte structures to control the individual crystal structures in the nanocomposites.

Figure 2. Self-assembled nanocomposite of a perovskite (BiFeO3) and spinel (CoFe2O4). Adapted from:4,5

The realization of such electrode-electrolyte nanocomposites, through self-assembly from two immiscible oxide materials, will provide a simple and low cost fabrication process. This will enable the direct transfer from small lab-scale devices to large industry-scale battery applications.

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PhD: Ron Hendriks

Supervisor: Mark Huijben



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