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Tamara Oukes is an assistant professor at ESIM-NIKOS, the Dutch Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Twente and Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from the Technical University of Berlin. She obtained her PhD entitled “network position and related power: how they affect and are affected by network management and outcomes” from the University of Twente in 2018. Her current research focuses on providing a tool to support key stakeholders in collaborative business model innovation for inclusive business. Her present educational activities include teaching business-related courses, supervising Business Administration (BA) students’ graduation projects, coordinating two BA master specializations and training nascent entrepreneurs.


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Tamara Oukes currently is a postdoc researcher in an NWO-funded project (grant number: 438.17.901) which focuses on creating design principles for the development of sustainable collaborative business models in the field of inclusive innovations. Together with her fellow researchers, she actively participates in stakeholders’ business model innovation process to support them in achieving inclusive business goals and improving collaborative conditions.


As a PhD researcher (2013-2018), Tamara researched how a startup initiated, maintained and developed business relationships. She served at the startup two to three days per week, to do research and to assist the commercial director. Also, Tamara studied how network position and related power influence the multipartner alliance performance. She performed a database research on multipartner alliances subsidized by the Dutch technology foundation STW.


Her PhD was financed by PCDIAB, a research project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (grant number: 305654).She published her research in the book Starting up in business networks: Why relationships matter in entrepreneurship and in scientific journals (IMP Journal and Industrial Marketing Management). She has also presented her research at conferences, such as the SMS Conference, the IMP conference and the PDMA’s annual Research Forum.


Oukes, T., Groen, A., Geurts, P., & von Raesfeld, A. (2018). Power asymmetry's effects on value creation and appropriation in multipartner alliances. Paper presented at 38th Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual International Conference 2018, Paris, France.
Blauw, H., Oukes, T., van Bon, A. C., DeVries, J. H., & von Raesfeld, A. M. (2018). Acceptance of the Artificial Pancreas: Comparing the Effect of Technology Readiness, Product Characteristics and Social Influence between Invited and Self-Selected Respondents. Poster session presented at 11th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes, ATTD 2018, Vienna, Austria.
Oukes, T., Geurts, P., Groen, A., & von Raesfeld, A. (2017). The relationship between variety and new product development in multi partner alliances: The moderating effect of power asymmetry. Poster session presented at Sustainable Innovation, Leadership and Responsible Organisational Design (SILROD) Seminar 2017, Enschede, Netherlands.
Oukes, T., & von Raesfeld Meijer, A. M. (2017). Third actors initiating business relationships for a medical device start-up: effect on network embedding and venture creation processes. In L. Aaboen, A. la Rocca, F. Lind, A. Perna, & T. Shih (Eds.), Starting Up in Business Networks: Why Relationships Matter in Entrepreneurship (pp. 41-73). Palgrave Mac Millan.
Oukes, T., Uncu, C., & von Raesfeld, A. (2016). What influences a physician’s intention to prescribe an artificial pancreas to individuals with Type 1 diabetes?. Poster session presented at 9th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes, ATTD 2016, Milan, Italy.

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Since 2016, Tamara Oukes has been teaching courses such as Organization and Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Business Development in a Network Perspective. Also, she has been involved in the Bachelor program Creative Technology. Tamara supervised multiple student theses in International Business Administration (BSc) and Business Administration (MSc) on topics such as technology acceptance, business models, start-up networks, power asymmetry and entrepreneurship. In addition, she is the coordinator of the Business Administration master specialization Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy (EIS) and the double degree Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IMES). Tamara also trains nascent entrepreneurs in identifying, evaluating and managing their networks at the University of Twente and VentureLab North.

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