U. Jamil Ur Rahman (Umair)

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I am a PDEng student, working on the design of optimum flow conditions for spray drying of milk in a vortex chamber.

In 2011, I obtained my BSc degree in Chemical Engineering from University of the Punjab, Pakistan. In 2015, I completed my MSc degree in Chemical and Energy Engineering at the Otto von Guericke University, Germany. The master thesis topic was based on the numerical study of penetration depth for different fuels (methane, biogas, methanol) in a PFR (Parallel Flow Regenerative) shaft kiln.


Engineering & Materials Science
Driers (Materials)
Spray Drying
Physics & Astronomy
Drying Apparatus


My research is on the design and optimization of air flow and spray conditions for milk in a lab scale vortex chamber spray dryer. The high temperature and high-G acceleration in vortex chamber intensifies the heat, mass and momentum transfer. This leads to reduction in investment costs, energy savings, operational flexibility and product innovation.

This research focuses on developing a CFD model that provides insights to the complex multiphase flow inside the dryer. The model can then be used to design experiments and provide scale up rules.


Jamil Ur Rahman, U. , Pozarlik, A. K. , Baiazitov, I., de Broqueville, A., De Wilde, J. , & Brem, G. (2019). Stationary and transient aspects of air flow in a novel Radial Multi-Zone Dryer. 40-45. Paper presented at 7th European Drying Conference, EuroDrying' 2019, Torino, Italy.
Tourneur, T., de Broqueville, A., Sweere, A., Poortinga, A., Wemmers, A. , Jamil Ur Rahman, U. , Pozarlik, A. K., & De Wilde, J. (2019). Experimental and numerical study of a radial multi-zone vortex chamber spray dryer. 1. Abstract from 12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering 2019, Florence, Italy. https://www.aidic.it/ecce12/programma/pro.html#1592tourneur.docx
Jamil Ur Rahman, U. , Baiazitov, I. , Pozarlik, A. K. , & Brem, G. (2018). CFD study of spray drying in a lab scale multi-zone vortex chamber. Poster session presented at Annual NWGD Symposium 2018, Wageningen, Netherlands.

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